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Tell me a story or else

Yani has a soft spot for stories, and as he preys upon humans, a good story could stop him for a moment or two, if not turning the tables around into abduction. Once the story teller becomes dull or losing the magic touch, Yani won't hesitate and get rid of the story teller; most likely serving for a snack, or ending up in the siren's skull collection. 

Devilish beings aren't they?

I inspired my character on a betta splendens fish, and that means that Yani will act aggressive within his territory. (In particular towards males of his own kin, as they'd flare up towards each other before battling until one of them gives up or dies.)

Yani (c) me
Art (c) me

All rights are reserved, and you're not allowed to use this artwork without my permission. 

If you're interested in commissioning me, then give me a note and I'll respond asap.  
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Wow...0o0... she awesome!
Sansji's avatar
Correction he is,  and thanks! 
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No problem~! 
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woah those scales look aweosme
Sansji's avatar
; u ; thanks a lot man, that means so much you have no idea! And a little secret, I'm not yet done with this piece; I'll be adding bubbles, water plants, and a couple of fish and maybe a fisherman for the heck of it. (giving the siren a reason to be so grumpy.)
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woo! cant wait to see the finished product then ;D
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xD why thank you! And how are you doing btw? 
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im pretty good.... feel like ive been in a bit of an art block lately... but mostly good ;D

how have you been?
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Aye, well it's good that you're doing good, and kinda bad about the art block; though I'm sure you'll overcome it pretty soon. Just keep drawing and ignore it :U 

I've been irritated and annoyed lately, and aside from that pretty good. ~
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yeahhhh i seem to get art blocks like once a month or something
art pms ;A;

im sorry to hear youre irritated and annoyed... thats never fun
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hhaaha seriously once a month thingy? Ya wouldn't say, pfff well you're a great artist so .... eat them art blocks :U om nom nom. 

And yeah oh welll that happens tooo, being annoyed means that you're alive xD 

How are you doing?
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Thank you~! 
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