Flowers in the sky oneshot

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Flowers in the sky

"Acorn! Acorn c'mon!!!" Hope jumped up and down excitedly, clapping as they neared a large village. "Lookit! The festival is starting!"

"Do...do we really gotta?" Acorn was hiding behind a tree near the entrance, peeking out from behind. "I-It's noisy a-and I don't wanna..." Hope walked back over and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Hope I just don't know..."

"Please? I promise we'll be extra careful." She smiled at him. "Besides it looks like fun! I don't really know your home all that well s-so.....I'm counting on you too ok?"

"Well ya heard the little lady." Acorn turned when a tall skeleton patted him on the head. "It ain't polite to keep a young lady waitin' yanno..."

"Ren...but...uhm are you sure?"  Ren gave him a lazy smile and a gentle nudge on the back, moving him out from behind the tree.

"Sure thing. Don't worry I'll be right with ya both ok?" He chuckled and let out a low stream of smoke as he puffed on his pipe. He adjusted his kimono, fussing slightly at the large stitched part on his left arm.

"Is it loose again Acorn?" Hope asked. She was in a bright blue kimono herself, a delicate white floral pattern running along the entire right side. Her long blonde hair was tied back into a bun by Ren, her blue bow keeping it up along with a large hairpin. The tip of the pin was adorned with small rubies and she blushed a little under his stare. "W-what? Is it bad Acorn?"

"N-No! You look uhm....really pretty..." He mumbled. Hope blushed harder, giggling a little as Ren pat her head gently.

"You're gonna turn lots of heads little sunflower. So shall we?"


"Wow....." Acorn's eyes seemed to twinkle in his sockets as he looked around. Stalls lined the cobblestone street, different smells drifting from most and people all over crowded others. "This is...a festival?"

"Acorn! Acorn look! Pinwheels!" Hope giggled as she pointed at a stand full of of pinwheels, gently spinning in the summer breeze. "Ren! Ren can we get one? Pretty please?" Ren chuckled and handed a few coins to the vendor. Hope clapped and grabbed two, handing one to Acorn. "See? They have pretty colors!"

"Heh you're just a little fire cracker tonight aren't ya?" Ren laughed softly as Acorn gently blew into it. He watched it spin and he giggled softly. "Well well lookee here. Comin' outta your shell a bit?" Acorn hid behind the pinwheel a bit, his face lighting in a soft blush. "Aww no need to be so-"

"Well hello there!!!"

"Eeep!" Both Hope and Acorn hid behind Ren as he let out a loud laugh. The woman tilted her head at the two.

"Are they with you?"

"Yes ma'am. It's their first time at a festival after all." The well dressed woman smiled and knelt down to where Hope stood. She hid a bit behind Ren, making the taller skeleton chuckle. "It's alright there little sunflower." She moved out from behind Ren, feeling Acorn just behind her and holding her hand.


"Aww she's such a sweetie! Is she yours?" Ren blushed and shook his head.

"Well no but....but kinda? It's complicated." He chuckled, rubbing the back of his head. "Consider her a...a ward of sorts."

"I see. Well then I hope you have a pleasant evening. The fireworks will be in about two hours. The hill is the perfect spot to see them!" The lady left and Ren laughed as Hope moved closer to him.

"You're both so cute and shy."

"A-Am not!"

"Not shy...."

"Hahahahaha! Seriously you two make these trips so worth it." He patted both their heads. "Alrighty. I'm gonna set up a small stand over there, you two have a good time ok?"


Closer to time Hope grabbed Acorn and dragged him up the hill. "C'mon Acorn! It's gonna start soon!"

"W-w-w-wait Hope! I wanna eat my apple!" Acorn laughed as he was being dragged. Hope waved as Ren gestured for them to sit next to him.

"Hey now kiddo, yer gonna pull his arm outta its socket."

"O-Oh!" Hope let him go and sniffled a little. "I-I didn't hurt you did I?"

"No no I'm ok..." Acorn brushed his pants off and sat down on a patchwork blanket. Hope sat between them and smiled, eating her own candied apple. "So uhm...what is a 'firework'?"

"You've never seen them before Acorn?"

"N-no.....sorry...." He mumbled, tucking his tail in slightly.

"That's ok. Me either!" Hope smiled. "I've seen pictures though. They're like.....like flowers in the sky! Lotsa noise from what I've been told, but very pretty!" Ren laughed as he puffed out another small cloud of smoke, making Hope cough and rub her eyes. "N-No! Ren that's bad for you!"

"Heh gotta have lungs for it ta 'urt me kiddo." Ren chuckled. "I'm nothin' but skin and bones after all."

"Hee hee...." Hope giggled. A sudden 'popping' sound went off and all three of them turned to the skies. It lit up with a bright green and blue, flickering before fading. "It's started!" Another loud sound went off, causing Acorn to jump and huddle behind Ren. The taller skeleton chuckled and gestured to the sky.

"C'mon now. It's not gonna 'urt ya." He smiled. Hope clapped as more went up in the air, filling the night sky with a world of colors. Acorn peeked out from behind his companion and his sockets widened.

"They....they really are....like....flowers...." He whispered as more filled the starry night sky. "They're so pretty...." He moved back to his spot on the blanket as the show went on, filling their eyes with brilliant shades of reds, greens and blues. Ren chuckled at their delight as the finale went on and he leaned back.

"Alrighty, what say we-" He blinked as he felt weight against his arm. Laying against him was Hope, sound asleep as Acorn curled up with his head in her lap. He chuckled and shrugged, continuing to look up at the starry sky. "Well...fine then. Guess packing up for the inn nearby can wait....sleep well you two."
Oh hey look! Another oneshot featuring the adorable baby boy Acorn created by :iconfrostious: Hamtaro Hamster Emoji-07 (Cute Dance) [V1] Seriously I just love this cute baby boy. When I saw a picture of him in a kimono  festive gremlin by frostious  (this one in particular) I just had to do one for his first festival! Naturally Hope wound up there too lol

Again I stress this as NON-CANON unless they wish it to be.

At first I was a bit uncertain as to what to write until Frostious drew up Acorn's companion, Ren! Tall boys by frostious  (Boyo on the left side of the picture) And I just had the idea ;3

Please note idk what his personality is like or what his profession is. I just sorta went with the idea of him being a traveling merchant and has a personality similar to Swap Papyrus. A laid back personality for skittish baby Acorn Heart 

As for why Hope is there (in the context to possible future oneshots) she ended up in the same fog Acorn did, only now she's sorta srtuck there xD so she's under Ren's watch. Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Heart Dance) [V6]  I hope you like what I did frostious ;3 You deserve it! and yes, there will most likely be another oneshot in the future lol I just guessed at Ren's personality and occupation so if it's wrong lemme know!

Again, this is NOT CANON!!!!!! I just did this for fun! Ren and Acorn belong to :iconfrostious: Hatsune Miku-13 (Wink and Heart) 
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AAAAA Thank you so much for writing about my baby again, and Ren too! It's so nice to read about Acorn having a sweet friend, it makes me so happy ;;;w;;;
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i'm very glad u like it! expect some more in the future too ;3 i hope i'm writing them correctly!