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I know I'm pretty much 2 days late to say this, but Happy Holidays to ya'll. Hope you guys had as much fun as I did.

Also, sorry for the lack of a story, I've had other things I had to work on, which included stories on other websites, as well as just being far too lazy to actually work on anything. I treated this holiday as nothing but my personal lazy day to just play games and whatnot. ^^;

As the months go by, you'll soon know that procrastinating is a very big hobby of mine.

Anyway, I'll try and get a story sometime either before or after New Years. Don't know exactly when, but I'm going to get a story out at some time.

For the story, how do you guys feel about a TF/TG Story? I want to give myself a go at one of those stories, and want to know your personal opinion on it. ;)

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TheEasternEmpress Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy holidays!

I say if you're doing a TG, take your time in the story. Don't make everything happen all at once
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