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For Information on the contest itself, go here:  Road to 100 Watchers Contest (Ends in ONE WEEK)    
Howdy fellas, it's SANSationSkeleton (goodness, I need to change my username if I get Core), the Pooka Gal perv, and this is the first art contest being hosted on this account.
While I'm a person who likes inflation stuff, normal art is accepted for this art competition.
Your main objective is to draw one of three (or more than one, it's completely up to you) of my characters:Pace the Pooka GalPauline the Pooka GalMystie the Magic EnigmaTasty Slime flavor here!From the moment this journal is uploaded and you decide to participate, you have TWO WEEKS to finish your entry.When you are finished, yo

This is where I'll list the participants that have finished their entry for the contest:



Mature Content

Mystical Mystie by Puffylover1

:iconbustybeth69: <da:thumb id="705269359"/>

:icondarktaleofficial:  For the contest by DarkTaleOfficial

:iconnoir117:  Mystie (Noir117) by SANSationSkeleton

:iconheremeout:  Contest Entry by heremeout


Mature Content

Pookas Leaky Boob Troubles by UWblossmZH2O

That's currently all for right now. As everyone else who entered finish their submissions, this list will be updated.

Much good luck to everyone who's participating! The contest will end on the 29 of September! ;)
Puffylover1 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Tommorow you'll show the results now right? o3O
SANSationSkeleton Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2017
Yup ;3
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September 20, 2017
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