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Hey guys, just would like to say one thing. That I'm going to be moving accounts.

Honestly, I'm just very unhappy with this one for personal reasons, and want to make a new one I can be happy with. Don't worry, though. Most drawings posted to this account will be saved and moved to the new one. :)

For everyone reading, here is where you can find me now: 

That's all. Have a nice day everyone. <3
Hey guys, it's time to announce the winners of the contest :p

:iconexoticbutters360: with their very interesting submission!~

:iconuwblossmzh2o: with a lovely underwater submission!

:icontiggemini: with a simple, but nevertheless captivating submission!~

All prizes will be handed out once this is submitted. Thank you all who submitted a work to this contest!~:heart:
    Hey guys, it's your friendly neighborhood Pooka Gal Perv! :)

    Thank you guys so much for helping me reach the milestone of 200 WATCHERS! I always waited for this day, and I thank you immensely! A special drawing will come in time, just a bit too busy to get to drawing, but here my second half of the celebrative uploads will be this art contest!

    The subject of this contest, my account's Persona: Percy, better known as Pervy!

    For this contest all ya gotta do is draw this pervy boi. Whatever it may be, fetish art or no, is acceptable. Whenever your submission is finished, either send a link to me through notes, or upload it while also mentioning me in the description so I can see it!


    The deadline for submission will be October 31st. :P

  • First Place: 30 Points AND either a free art or story request!
  • Second Place: 20 Points 
  • Third Place: 10 Points

    Anyway, I believe that's all that needs to be said. Good luck to all, and happy drawing! :)

Hey guys, it's Pook, and bringing in a little update to this story project. I've finally decided on what kind of scenario the characters will be put into:

An inflation-themed board game!

How this will go is that the characters submitted will partake in a Mario Party-esque board game adventure, where after everyone's turns a mini game will play, where the girls (or boys) will get inflated by different means. There will also be several special spaces on the board which can trigger an event that also causes inflation.

The goal of the game is to be inflated the least at the end of the game.

Chances are I'll update this later to better describe this. It's like morning for me as I'm typing this. :P

So you can go ahead and submit any character you'd like if you are interested via notes.
So here's a little side project I'm going to do occasionally while working on art, requests, commissions, et cetera. Oh and because most everyone else I know does this, too, and I love bandwagons.

An Ask Me Anything journal, where you guys can ask all sorts of questions to any of the five characters in my line up. Then sometime in the future I'll draw their answers to your questions.

You can ask...

And of course, PERVY:…

You can ask a single character, or multiple characters at once.
So got questions for my gang of goofy characters, go ahead and ask away! :p


Now, I do want to bring some little points about requests.

1. Requests will be open to FRIENDS only. Anyone who comes to this journal that hasn't made any attempt to ACTUALLY make conversation with me is someone I do not consider a friend.

2. Given my situation right now, I'm pretty busy with business outside of DeviantArt. So this means I won't have a whole lot of time drawing art. And there ARE some drawings of my own I want to get done. What does this mean? Putting it simply, your request isn't the first thing on my list to do.

2a. So do NOT constantly ask me 'How is my request doing?' Not only does this sound rude, but it's irritating as well. I have other things I need to get done. If you do this, chances are I won't even touch your request. Sorry if I sound aggressive, but if you don't have the patience you shouldn't be asking me.

3. You cannot upload your request to your page once it's finished without crediting me for having made it. There's no real need to ask. After all, they're for friends only and not those kinds of people who look for artists only for requests.

Now for some points about art trades:
1. Like requests, trades will be open to FRIENDS only. Anyone who comes to this journal that hasn't made any attempt to ACTUALLY make conversation with me is someone I do not consider a friend.

2. (Insert the busy point brought up above.)

3. (Insert the credit point brought up above.)

With that out of the way, I am open for 3 requests, and 2 art trades. If you are interested, send me a note. Describe what you would like for a request or trade, and I'll respond whenever I can.

Make sure you read the rules on what I will and will not draw, too.

- Original Characters. I honestly will draw OCs only, since I don't have that much interest in drawing actual characters like Princess Peach or Yoko Littner, for example. There's only one exception to this, since I received a request that was before these rules.
- Body Inflation. Breast, Belly, Hourglass, Butt, and Full Body are what I will draw. Types of inflation, like air or water or slime, are acceptable.
- Non Fetish/SFW. I'm sure this speaks for itself.

- Anything else, chances are I won't draw it. Feet, for example, I won't draw. Any kind of fetish you don't see listed above I won't even consider drawing. Either because I'm still practicing drawing it or not interested in the fetish at all

1. :iconsuperryuko:


Hey guys, it's me with a bit of an update regarding the current art contest I'm hosting.

Given my current situation since I don't have full, all the time access to DeviantArt since losing my tablet, I've been holding the contest back. To where I would give the results once I come back.

However, I've been thinking. My tablet hasn't been booting up since losing it anyway, so I have thought its battery life might be completely done for. So even when I get access to it again, I still might not make a full comeback to the site. If that was the case, I still couldn't be able to give out results since I'm not on all the time. And I'd hate to make you guys wait even longer if that was the case.

So, I decided to cancel this contest.

Since chances are it'll take even longer for me to fully come back, I felt this was needed. I don't want you guys to have to wait even longer for results for the contest.

And I'm being 100% honest with you that this wasn't some kind of scummy scam just to get free art out of people. My situation is genuine, so I hope you can understand why this had to be. Trust me, the last thing I want to do is lie to any of you.

Heck, if I do come back I might revamp the contest and bring it back.

I'll be seeing you guys later. Stay awesome ^^
I am an RPing person, so this journal is for some rules and what I will and will not RP.

- RPs can only be done in NOTES. I would do them in Discord, but I don't have access to it anymore. So send a note if you want to RP.
- If I don't reply a while to our RP, then do not spam the same message to me to try and continue it. Just be patient.
- Make sure you read the DOs and DONTs below. :p

- Belly Inflation (Air, Water, Slime, etc.)
- Breast/Butt/Hourglass Expansion
- Full Body Inflation
- Male Inflation
- Weight Gain
- Vore
- Pregnancy/MPreg
- Popping
- Transformation
- Non Fetish

- Literally anything that's NOT in the above.

If you'd like to RP, just send a note and I'll reply whenever possible.
Hey guys, just going to let you guys know that because of some stupid circumstances, I lost access to my tablet. Without it, I can't be online as much since I only have my phone. So I can't upload any art, talk very much here on DeviantArt, or talk at all on Discord.

I don't know when I can get it back, but chances are in the long run it'll be in the late summer. If I get lucky (very rare) it may be in July, but I don't know.

I'll still be online from time to time on dA, just not as much, to talk and RP. Just send me a note and I'll reply whenever.

Though with my absence, this means the current art contest I'm hosting is on hold for now. Submissions can still be accepted, I just won't be able to determine winners on the 5th.

So, I'm going to mention all current participants so they can see this. :iconpuffylover1: :iconbustybeth69: :iconjacobfiredragon: :iconuwblossmzh2o: :iconkillifishy:

This also means that the last two story commissions I have left are also on hold. Sorry Puffy and :iconvoreandpreggos: . Hope you won't be mad ^^;

And this is for :iconnasuokaa-san: . Sorry, but my end of our art trade may be a while. ^^;

Thanks to all the guys who helped me feel better when I was down a few days back. Love ya'll ^^

Anyway, felt like I need to get this shared so people aren't asking where I am too much. I'll be fully back as soon as possible.

Stay awesome :heart:

    So basically I have so many points after doing commissions I often don't have much use since most of my friends that do commissions don't take points. This was the best option :P

  • Make sure you COMMENT down below that you would like to take part in the contest.
  • And if you'd like, feel free to share this journal with your watchers!
  • Today, instead of being able to draw any character from my roster of 5, today will only focus on one: Pervy!
  • However, this time the contest is to draw him alongside one (or more if you'd like) of his girlfriends, which are:
  • When your submission is finished, either upload to dA (with mention of me so I can see it) or link it to me via I would prefer if NSFW submissions were link privately.
  • The deadline for this contest will the 5th of June. However, if everyone gets their submission done before the deadling, and nobody else feels up to join, then the contest will be over then.
  • First Place: 40 Points and Free Story Request!
  • Second Place: 30 Points
  • Third Place: 20 Points!


  • :iconuwblossmzh2o:
  • :iconjacobfiredragon:
  • :iconpuffylover1:
  • :iconkillifishy:
    Anyway, I wish all contestants luck! See ya guys real soon!~ Akira Souma (Megane thumbs up yeah) [V1] 
    So, I've been getting quite a bit of points from doing story commissions, so I'm in the mood in hosting another art contest. This'll be a good little thing to have out while I'm working on the rest of my commissions.

  1. This is an art contest, to which both inflation and non-inflation art pieces are accepted. 
  2. The deadline for the contest will be around 4/16. Though if people will need more time, I wouldn't complain in giving another week for them to finish.
  3. Make sure to either upload your entry (with mentions so I can see it), or send me a link once you finish you're finished!
  4. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask, and I'll answer them!
  1. Pace, the Poofy Pooka Gal
    1. You can draw her old design or her new design, art of either will be acceptable! :P
  2. Pauline, the Poofy Pooka Gal
  3. Mystie, the Magical Enigma
  4. Catherine, the Princess Puffball
  5. Pervy, the Perverted Gamer Boy
    1. Okay, technically I don't have his design fully finished, but here's the current progress I have for his design. Feel free to give him any clothing you find suitable. There is basic information of Pervy's character in the description of the link.
  1. First Place: 20 Points and a Free Story Commission!
  2. Second Place: 15 Points!
  3. Third Place: 10 Points!

Good luck to everyone! Wander Emote: Thumbs Up 
    Alright, so the first story commissions for this account were a big success, in my opinion. Everything went according to plan so I'm now starting to make this into a regular hobby. So I may as well do a bit more into elaborating on my commission information:

    I will write two forms of stories, Safe for Work and Not Safe For Work.

- Usually soft fetish stories, like belly inflation or any form of body expansion. Or even stories without fetishes in them. Will upload to dA if the one who commissions it wants me to.

- Anything sexual to a sharp degree that dA will not accept it (not too good with managing Adult Content Filters lol). Will NOT upload to dA, but instead sent to the one who commissions it via link. Though compared to SFW, I more than likely will not accept these as often as SFW, so sorry if I don't accept your NSFW commission. I'm selective when it comes to this.

NOTE: Please send me a note of some sort and we can discuss what story you'd like to commission. Inform me of what the main premise is and I will determine whether or not I'll write. Please understand that if I don't want to write it, it's probably because it's stepping out of my comfort zone. ^^;

1. SFW- 25 Points
2. NSFW- 50 Points


1. :iconpuffylover1:
2. :iconvoreandpreggos:
    Hey guys, it's me again, and I'm now back. I've taken some time to cool down, get my thoughts collected, I'm feeling great again, and I'm going to make an attempt to apologize to them whenever I can get the time, though I have my doubts that they'll want to talk to me again, oh well.
    Hello everybody, it's SANSationSkeleton here, the Pooka Gal Perv (I swear, if I ever get Core, that's what my new username is going to be, or something like that) wishes ya'll a very Happy Holidays! Hope you all continue to have a good rest of December and even New Years, as well! I know I had and will have a good one :)

    I would also love to thank everyone for the 111 watchers, and for putting up with some hilariously bad inactivity for months! I assure you that I am, believe it or not, not dead, and plan on getting some kind of art, and heck, even some stories if you guys don't mind, done in 2018. Not entirely sure when, but hopefully before February ^^;

    Here's a shoutout to some of my good friends, including, but not limited only to:











    As well as everybody else, hope you guys have/had an excellent Christmas/Holidays!

    Talk to ya'll later, I'm gonna go get a sugar high on PEZ and play some Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. : D
(Second time I've been at 100+ because I dropped to 99 at some point lol)

The title of the journal speaks for itself. Ask me questions, whether it be about inflation or other things, and I'll answer them the best I can.

Just no personal stuff and everything will be good :p
And so, the contest has come to a close, and it's time to reveal the top three contest entries.

Believe me when I say this, picking three out of the seven, especially since all of them were wonderful, was not an easy task. And I want to say that everyone did a fantastic job with their entries, and deserve praise for their work :)

With that out of the way...

Third Place (Prize of 10 Points): Noir117 

Second Place (Prize of 15 Points): Puffylover1 

First Place (Prize of 25 Points AND a free art request): heremeout 

That's all for today folks! Thanks for participating and look forward to any new art contests in the future! ;)
For Information on the contest itself, go here:  Road to 100 Watchers Contest (Ends in ONE WEEK)    
Howdy fellas, it's SANSationSkeleton (goodness, I need to change my username if I get Core), the Pooka Gal perv, and this is the first art contest being hosted on this account.
While I'm a person who likes inflation stuff, normal art is accepted for this art competition.
Your main objective is to draw one of three (or more than one, it's completely up to you) of my characters:Pace the Pooka GalPauline the Pooka GalMystie the Magic EnigmaTasty Slime flavor here!From the moment this journal is uploaded and you decide to participate, you have TWO WEEKS to finish your entry.When you are finished, yo

This is where I'll list the participants that have finished their entry for the contest:



Mature Content

Mystical Mystie by Puffylover1

:iconbustybeth69: <da:thumb id="705269359"/>

:icondarktaleofficial:  For the contest by DarkTaleOfficial

:iconnoir117:  Mystie (Noir117) by SANSationSkeleton

:iconheremeout:  Contest Entry by heremeout


Mature Content

Pookas Leaky Boob Troubles by UWblossmZH2O

That's currently all for right now. As everyone else who entered finish their submissions, this list will be updated.

Much good luck to everyone who's participating! The contest will end on the 29 of September! ;)
Howdy fellas, it's SANSationSkeleton (goodness, I need to change my username if I get Core), the Pooka Gal perv, and this is the first art contest being hosted on this account.


  • While I'm a person who likes inflation stuff, normal art is accepted for this art competition.
  • Your main objective is to draw one of three (or more than one, it's completely up to you) of my characters:
  • From the moment this journal is uploaded and you decide to participate, you have TWO WEEKS to finish your entry.
    • When you are finished, you can either upload it to your account (if you do, send me a link or mention me in the description) or keep it in and send me a link.
  • When all entries that are done within the two weeks, so basically on time, are posted/sent to me, I will begin to determine the winner.
    • Current method of doing so is unknown.
If you have any questions, whether it be about the rules or my characters, don't feel afraid to ask me these via notes. I'll happily answer them to the best of my ability


  • FIRST PLACE: 25 Points + Free Art Request
    • There will be restrictions on what I will and won't draw. So note me after the contest is over to discuss your request prize.
  • SECOND PLACE: 15 Points
  • THIRD PLACE: 10 Points
Well, this is all, so good luck to all those who participate! 

The contest will end on the 29th of this month!