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Catherine, the Princess Puffball Redesigned

So, the second gal to be reworked, Catherine! Arguably getting the largest design change and alterations to her character, I'm really proud of how it turned out :p

Name: Princess Catherine
Age: 19 years old
Height: 5'07
Weight: 101.0 pounds
Hair Color: Dark Orange
Dress Color: Yellow, Black gem

Catherine was the only female child born to Queen Mitsu out of thousands of male children. Her siblings treated her and her mother as royalty, Catherine soon to rule her own Hive. Once she consumes Royal Honey, she will mature into a Queen, develop her wings and stinger, and become fertile so she can reproduce. Becoming queen is something she longs for, so she eagerly awaits the day when she can be crowned as so.

Even so, Cathy finds herself wanting to leave her mother's Hive to explore outside. Protective of her children, she sends out a few brothers every time she leaves to bring her back. If she gets resistant, the males sting her rapidly, which causes Catherine to inflate rapidly, immobilizing her. The large number of times she had come home that way and the stitching in her dress earned her the nickname "Princess Puffball."

So I'm now in a better mood, so I'm open to RPs again. Send me a note and I'll reply whenever.

Just make sure you know what I RP here:…
This is for everyone who RPs with me:

As of now, I'm not going to be RPing for a while. Someone who I assumed would understand my inactivity and changes of interest affecting our RPs decided to be a selfish asshole about it and make ME out to be the bad guy. I've blocked tjem now, but I'd still prefer not to RP for a while. I need to calm my nerves now that they have pushed them.

So sorry for the sudden change, truly. I'll let you guys who RP with me know when I'm up to it again.
Back from a water park, I had some good fun. :p

How is everyone doing today? :)
I am an RPing person, so this journal is for some rules and what I will and will not RP.

- RPs can only be done in NOTES. I would do them in Discord, but I don't have access to it anymore. So send a note if you want to RP.
- If I don't reply a while to our RP, then do not spam the same message to me to try and continue it. Just be patient.
- Make sure you read the DOs and DONTs below. :p

- Belly Inflation (Air, Water, Slime, etc.)
- Breast/Butt/Hourglass Expansion
- Full Body Inflation
- Male Inflation
- Weight Gain
- Vore
- Pregnancy/MPreg
- Popping
- Transformation
- Non Fetish

- Literally anything that's NOT in the above.

If you'd like to RP, just send a note and I'll reply whenever possible.


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