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Acrylic_abstract brushes

needs a tablet for good results.. can b used with a mouse too.. i use em for my base textures .. made from my acrylic on paper works..used it in most of my digital works..
if u use these brushes.. plz send me a link of the work.. credit me if u wanna..
enzoi !
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Could I use photoshop brush commecially?
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sorry for the late reply . sure. go ahead
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again . . would love to see the results. . plz do upld them . .
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looks useful, maybe someday I'll use it :D
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lookin forward to seein the works. . thank you . .
does a good job.
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:) thanx .. would love to c it
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brushes! ':D thanks
it will be helpful
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Bravo! I'll use them! :excited:
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:) tell me if u like em or find em useful.. would love to c the result ...
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looks good.. i will try them!
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:).. thanx .. and plz let u know if u find em useful..
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man does that mean u can create yer own brushes in PS...yes yes i am a dumbo...i don't know things man can ye tell me....please.........
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oh yea,, it's very simple.. u need to have PS7 or higher.. just open a file or create a new one.. make a selection around the area u want as brush.. then go to 'edit' and click on. 'define brush' and viola....!
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THANK U VERY MUCH....guruji.............:)
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i just love ur sharing these brushes man
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:) enzoi.... thanx for the fav !!and again for the dedication man !! :glomp:
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