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    “Run faster this time,” Anna demanded from Sanny’s backside as she readjusted her seating for their next charge. The saddle they had gotten fitted for the drake made any attempt for prolonged riding or games even possible, and the group was using it to their full advantage. Sam stood ready nearly thirty feet away with Twisty on his back. Both girls had helmets on and both wielded a big pillow for smacking purposes.
    It was the time of the year when the bitter cold had made its retreat just in time for Sanny to emerge from his long sleep, and before the assaulting heat of summer drove Sam away to his cave for his own long sleep. These were the rare moments when the two dragons of the polar opposites could get to mingle, and silly games like these were always to be had. It was the friendship they only got to experience for two months out of the year, and there was never a day to waste of it.
    “You know we’re not trying to kill her, right?” Sanny grumbled out while snaking his head around to stare at the cat nestled on his back.
    “Yes I know that,” she answered obviously, “but I just want to make this more fun. Faster is more fun.” She leaned forward and jabbed a claw from her foot across his side to shut him up; she knew it wouldn’t hurt it, but it would annoy him enough. His growl proved that. “Faster.”
    The frost dragon on the other side had readied himself for another charge, his batty rider, although weary from multiple strikes, raised a pillow to prepare for the onslaught. Sanny dug his claws into the grass and stared into his rival’s deep blue eyes, ready to once again overrun him with victory. Although there was no gunshot, nor any call to action, both drakes charged at the same time. Their speed was incredible, closing the gap in mere seconds, slowing down for safety of their riders only at the last second. The red drake still kept his speed up far more than he should; far more than a casual trot at that point. When the two girls swung, the force of the pillows didn’t feel like that of fluff, but of bags of stone. Anna was far more prepared than Twisty, and held on to her reigns enough to avoid falling back. The bat, on the other hand, dropped her pillow her breath, and almost herself from the force of it all. She felt like she had been flogged; the pain couldn’t be ignored. These were just pillows, right?
    Sanny turned and trotted back to their corner, unable to shake the feeling he’d done wrong. He had to spare a glance back to Twisty. “There, have your fun?” he asked a grinning Anna.
    Her first response was a boisterous laugh and a victorious pose of holding her pillow ihigh in the air. “I am the warrior princess!”
    The red drake curled his neck over to view his spotted princess as a devilish grin grew on his face. “Look like I’m going to have to abduct a princess to my personal dungeon later.”
    “Gunna have to fight me first,” she said as she gently smacked the pillow over his head.


    “Were they cheating?” the bat asked as she slowly climbed back onto Sam’s side. Her hollow bones ached with each passing movement; these games had begun to take their toll, and Anna’s little antics weren’t helping.
    “Yeah,” Sam said with a nod, as he watched the bat struggle. He gave her a push with his tail to help her as best he could, a task she was thankful for after she had resettled onto the saddle. She hadn’t won a single round of these jousts, and all she was getting out of it was a broken body. No more. Not after those cheaters got their way!
    “Sam,” she grumbled with a deep anger rarely heard from her tiny being. “Next time, trip Sanny.”
    “You know we’re not trying to kill them, right?”
    Her ears fell flat and her voice went low. “Just maim them.”
    Sam could see the fire in her eyes. “You’re scaring me.”
    “I just want to win once!” she shouted out.
    True, dragons weren’t unfamiliar with such unfettered acts of violence, but their riders were far less durable to handle the punishment these two could casually give each other. “Maybe an idea that involves less friend murder?”
    The bat crawled off the saddle and up Sam’s neck, grasping onto his horns and pulling his head upward. The bat grimaced as she did; it still ached to do so. She would rest well tonight. “Did I stutter, you little blue bitch?”
    The drake nearly recoiled in shock. “What did you just call me?”
    “I am vengeance!” She slapped the side of his head repeatedly with her wing, like the gentle slap of the spring breeze. “And vengeance will not be defeated!”
    “Okay, okay!” he huffed out in a growl. “Just stop.” The bat huffed and returned to her spot in the saddle, taking her pillow and slapping Sam’s backside.
    “Now, steed, take me to victory!” She slapped her feet against his side. “Onward!”
    “You don’t have to hit me,” Sam mumbled as he lowered his head and returned to his starting position. It seemed the red drake and his cat had spent the entire time flirting.
    Twisty kicked his side again. “Get their attention. Vengeance is ready.” The frost drake groaned at this charade.  He would have some very serious questions for Sanny later. However, he did as he was commanded, and he let out a roar well enough. It caught the attention of the two on the opposite end, as well as anything else nearby. The combatants readied themselves and prepared their final charge. Again, without word or command, they both began their run at the same time, taking their cues from minute details in body language. The distance closed itself in seconds before Sam suddenly dashed unexpectedly to the side just as the two neared each other. Sanny seemed taken off guard, and seemed really surprised when Sam smashed his flank into his and sent the red drake out of control, whom toppled over into the grass, churning dirt and soil to the surface as he did. Anna hopped off the saddle and landed behind the drake before losing control herself, screeching the entire way.
    “Want to tell me what that about?” Sanny growled, holding back rage as he lifted his head. Anna slowly lifted herself up, rubbing her aching side. Sam instantly felt a pit drop in his stomach and trotted over to see if they were okay, but before he could even say anything Twisty took the initiative.
    She stood up clumsily on top of the saddle and began laughing, letting loose a string of victory chants of herself and chagrins of them all in her native tongue. It was a myopic tirade that released all of her demons, and one that was lost upon all who listened that day.
Hello all! I have another Shortie here to entertain you on this day! This was originally supposed to be a guest story featuring a cute little Ravenpuff's puffin. Puffy the Puffin. Unfortunately, I discovered that she was the size of Twisty, so that hampered the story idea a little! Dun worry, Puffy! I has a new idea! :3 So I put Sam in her place. Just as good. 

Anyways, enjoy this little Shortie!

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The preview image was drawn painstakingly by :iconannaklava:, which can be found here!

Sanny is myself
Anna is AnnaKlava
Twisty is twooost
© 2017 - 2021 Sanoon
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If Anna knew what Twisty was saying, she'd probably start some hair pulling and some low-mild hostile rough housing. Like a cartoon fighting cloud.
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D'aww, the Batty simply wanted to win =D
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Victory at all costs!