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Sonja Moriarty had no difficulties in choosing her side in long, almost everlasting, war between Supreme Anarchy and Accepted Commonwealth whose rule has extented to cover almost all of the known colonies of earth. She had joined the ranks of CrimsomWhisper at age of sixteen and had never regretted it.

CrimsonWishper is Supreme Anachy's ultimate weapon against Accepted Commonwealth. They are squad whose first purpose isn't to kill enemies but to steal their skills, dreams, memories, knowledge and personality. Scientists in S.A. had discovered that blood cells has unique way in storing and transporting these attributes when exposed to serum that has made from roots of black lotus that only grow in certain swamps in Atlon system. Only problem was to get thes serum in the victims blood system. It is highly unstable and looses its properties after just few seconds if it is in touch with air. Other problem was also getting the blood that had to be stored in room temperature otherwise serum will destroy blood cells.

Maybe after too many drinks one scientist had the answer to the problem. Vampires. Or their abilities to suck blood out of living beings. Even though the idea of using non-existing mythical beast to fight in the lines of Supreme Anarchy was ridiculous, idea had potential in it. After years of researching and testing, they had the solution. Augments that will turn their users in to futuristic vampires. "Volunteer's" cuspids are replaced with shapr adamantium teeth that are hollow. Serum pouches are installed in the gums and connected to teeth. Special container to harvest blood is installed in somewhere in upper abdominal cavity.
Serum stays intact and is easy to use as volunteer sinks his/her teeth in the neck of the victim and the blood stays in perfect condition when it is stored in the body of the volunteer. Procedures how the fangs and their injection and intake works is higly classified information.

So the CrimsonWhisper had turned to be the most dangerous troop that could ever terrorise Accepeted Commonwealth. Their secrets are at stake as Crimsoms prey only to high ranking officers undiscovering every little detail of their enemies movements.

Sonja has been in her troop for years and helped Supreme Anarchy to advance forward by getting her prey in every mission. It doesn't matter if the prey had latest high tech security service around him Sonja has always means to get through them.


Phew, finally finished this piece. My entry for :icondragonscholar: contest at Seventh Sanctum [link]
The goal was to create new kind of vampire that has more attitude and personality than present vampires who are so cool/emo/sad/angsty/lost/sparkly.
First thought that I get was 'What if vampires are purely man made without being any mythical creatures...

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Hmmm, Vampire Assassin that works for a Government of the Future. AWESOME!!! Great idea. You should make a series out of this for Sonja; it would be like Aeon Flux meets Blood-Rayne.