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Charlotte De Berry



(1636 - Unknown) was born in 1636 in England. In her mid to late teens she fell in love with a sailor and, against her parents' will, married him. Disguised as a man she followed him on board his ship and fought alongside him bravely. Her true identity was discovered by an superior officer who kept this knowledge to himself, mainly because he wanting de Berry. He assigned her husband to the most dangerous jobs which he survived, with de Berry‘s help. The officer finally accused Charlotte's husband of mutiny which he was found guilty of, based only on an officer's word against a common sailor. He was flogged through the fleet and dies as the officer expected. The officer then made advances towards Charlotte which she refused. Realizing that he set her husband up to die, the next time they came to port, she killed the officer, changed back into woman’s clothing and abandoned the ship. At this time, a captain of a merchant ship saw her, kidnapped her, forced de Berry to marry him and took her away on his trip to Africa. Her unwanted husband, a brutal rapist and dictator, de Berry easily gained the respect of the crew and persuaded them to mutiny. Taking her revenge, she decapitated her captain husband and became captain of the ship. After years of pirating she fell in love with a Spaniard. They were shipwrecked and sadly her husband died, leaving her without hope. The survivors of her crew were rescued by a Dutch ship and when that ship was attacked by pirates. The survivors fought bravely to defend their rescuers. While the others celebrated victory, Charlotte jumped overboard to join her dead husbands. The date of Charlotte's death is unknown but she was still quite young when she died.

This is a character sketches for a project in my illustration class this quarter. We will pick a pirate and do an illustration of them, using a classic illustration from a early century illustrator as inspiration. It between Cheng I sao and Charlotte De Barry for me.
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