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Good catch | FoD by Sankko Good catch | FoD :iconsankko:Sankko 59 3 Tragedy | FoD by Sankko Tragedy | FoD :iconsankko:Sankko 47 6
A King and a Fairy [Enamored]
Tall pine trees swung slowly in the wind. The setting sun cast its final rays of light against them, laying down on the grassy field long shadows like huge claw marks. Patches of snow still refused to melt away and the grass was still dry and dark in color. Despite the settling dusk the air was still a bit warm, summer was creeping in closer every day. Some early birds sang on their ballads in the treetops already.
In the woods a pale silhouette made its way through the thickets, towards the clearing ahead. It huffed and sniffed the air as if in search of something. The prairie was massive in size. Most creatures made way for him as he walked on, as it was not difficult to see or hear coming and not many animals here would dare to risk an encounter with him. His pearly white coat glistened in the warm light, but was majorly overshadowed by the reflective iridescence in his feathers and golden coating flowing from his face all the way to the underbelly like an intricate armor. The golds
:iconsankko:Sankko 3 2
What the rising sun stole | BTT by Sankko What the rising sun stole | BTT :iconsankko:Sankko 65 8 In the marshlands by Sankko In the marshlands :iconsankko:Sankko 75 5
To control fire one must be fire | Alignment
The scent of smoke and ash filled the air. The volcanic lands of Ngao weren't really visible yet but there was no mistake with the smells. Uriel knew he was heading in the right direction. He tilted his wings slightly to peer down at the slopes below him. The trees this close to the molten core of Ngao were scarce and small, but an abundance of grass, flowers and all kinds of small shrubs covered the fields. It was honestly quite beautiful. To think that these plains were probably swept by the lava a century ago and now the land was in full bloom of foliage. Give it another century and the lava might flow through here again and burn away all of it, but leave behind highly fertile soil for it all to grow back once more. The destructive force surging from the earth that had the power to burn down everything in its path still filled a purpose of nourishing the earth in the end. Uriel found a peace of mind in that thought. Perhaps he too could be a force that was not only meant destroy but
:iconsankko:Sankko 1 0
Mysteries to be unfolded | Questing
Raum felt the winds ruffle his fur. He beat his leathery wings leisurely and gazed down at the landscapes of Iagi shifting below him. Lush shades of green as far the eye could see, as if he was flying over a green ocean instead of forests and fields. He dove lower joyfully but straightened his wings when he heard a disgruntled snort from ahead. Uriel had turned his head to check on him and glared at the hazel molly disapprovingly.
"Keep your course straight Raum! We're not here to play!" he called and beat his large, powerful wings to pick up speed. Raum frowned at him for a moment as he hurried after the black and white molly but couldn't keep the face up for long. Soon enough he was admiring the volcano they were slowly approaching with child-like awe in his eyes.
Aife settled her course to glide next to Raum from somewhere above. She winked at him and before Raum could react back the dark red tab beat her wings to catch up with Uriel ahead and nudged his hips with her head startling
:iconsankko:Sankko 0 1
The day I died | BTT by Sankko
Mature content
The day I died | BTT :iconsankko:Sankko 59 13
Tranquil by Sankko Tranquil :iconsankko:Sankko 199 12 Unbreakable, I'm breakable | BTT by Sankko
Mature content
Unbreakable, I'm breakable | BTT :iconsankko:Sankko 36 4
Fresh parents [Collab] by Sankko Fresh parents [Collab] :iconsankko:Sankko 44 4 Jalava by Sankko Jalava :iconsankko:Sankko 17 1
Mature content
A devil in the night | BTT :iconsankko:Sankko 3 0
A Sock Path | BTT by Sankko A Sock Path | BTT :iconsankko:Sankko 30 3 Chieftain by Sankko Chieftain :iconsankko:Sankko 36 4 2018 Summary of Art by Sankko 2018 Summary of Art :iconsankko:Sankko 11 0

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The Witch
The late summer sun was setting along the horizon, its golden rays casting long shadows in the long grass. The grass swayed in the soft wind, which blew around the warm feeling in the air. The entire scene was peaceful as the humans watched on from their country porches. Their large animals letting out soft neighs and flicking their tails back and forth as they grazed on the grass. Small bugs littered the large rolling hills of the countryside, and when the sun set they would flicker on and off like a broken flashlight. The little humans would run around in their swimming clothes and chase the flicker bugs, an occasional boom of thunder would chase the kids to the porch again, but rain would never follow. Instead the thunder would bring music to the sky, as flashes of pinks and purples danced like ballerinas on a stage. Alma watched from the bushes, a rare animal would disrupt her hiding spot but they were scared of the 5’7” creature. However, Alma wasn’t a hostile ku
:iconaveragejaz:AverageJaz 2 0
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I'm really feeling extra undeciding with this. I added two more potential designs for the dominant iridescent (I'll get this girl out some day I promise) 

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Artist | Student | Digital Art
Well hello there. Please have a cookie for finding your way to this little corner of Deviantart. I'm Sankko, also known as Amber and Ampeeri in the vast internet. Make yourself comfortable and do look around. There isn't that much to see, but I hope you enjoy your visit ^w^


Everyone likes raffles right? Well here's one nifty one with a Spotted geno as a price B)
.: Hazed Spotted Kukuri Raffle [over] :.And the winner is....
Number 2 (out of 64)
soo... Keimi9103 :D
Congratulations <3
Will transfer the geno in a second x3

Hey there~
You know what? it's time for a raffle :D
I always tend to sell my "higher tiered" genos for money because well, i am a poor student XD
So for now i decided i will raffle this one off where you don't need money ^-^
4) Common Kukuri - Male - Healthy
Smoked Spotted Hazed Hazel with Blanket and Gradient
Regular Ears, Para Horn
Crepuscular, Carnivore
It's a 5 genes Kukuri, so it has many genes plus one of them is Spotted, which is rare and also the haze gene, which makes it desatured, and even whole grey if you'd like :heart:
:bulletgreen: Everybody can join! It doesn't matter if you already have 50 Kukuris or none <3
:bulletred: You account has to be at least 1 month old and and has to have a

And Eraili is hosting a neat contest as well!
.: [over] Contest 2018 :.Edit: All entries can be found here:
if you already entered but your entry is note here NOTE ME!

Hello there :D
So, my last contest actually isn't that far away (one and a half year), but i decided i wanted to do another one <3
This time, instead of drawing full pictures, i want to have the focus on fullbodies/pagedolls and icons :) That's why it won't be as long as the last one either~
It won't be complicated :D
If there is any question, please don't hesitate to ask me! Heart
What to draw
You can choose out of a pool of my characters thats linked in the specific category. 
There are two different things that can be drawn. Those also each have different prizes on their own!
You can join in both and even win in both (just not the first place both times ^^ But like, first and second is possible in a d


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Hello! Just letting you know that I made an enamored involving one of your kukus (I forgot to tag you when I first uploaded it, so the tag won't have worked properly).
Strange Encounters
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