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Hold Deer

The holiday season is upon us, and the holidays are a time we all hold deer.

I have been producing my own holiday cards for over 12 years now. This was last year's design, never before seen except by friends and family! Clockwise from top: Moira, Shar, and Elise from Persona Animus; Brandi and Brandon Panda from an upcoming web comic project; Rohan and Fey Éowyn, who have been mascot characters and avatars for just ever (hence the preteen Tolkien fangeek names).

This picture is available as a print! Details here!
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The deer in this pic: Okay guys you need to back da fuck up and give me some space.
Cheytac's avatar
Just goes to show. Girls will do anything for a little doe.
stokerbramwell's avatar
I didn't fave this one? Really now! A pun of that magnitude deserves recognition.
KlarkKentThe3rd's avatar
Once you realize they are going to eat her...
Is the comic going to be continuing? It's been a while since the last page went up. I really love the look of these characters.
CLockhart's avatar
xD lol Love the play on words thing. Cute anthros! :)
Jamaris's avatar
Argh. Elise is so dang cute. As is moira. Love that haircut. :)
marklungo's avatar
So when is Shar going to appear in the Persona Animus comic?
Sankam's avatar
Currently she does not figure in any of the projects I have planned. That doesn't mean she couldn't show up in a one-shot somewhere though. =)
totorosatsu's avatar
i've just found and began to read your webcomic, and followed a link to here.
i liked very much!
your art is beautiful, and i think i'm already "in love" for Moira... (Pretty and with an attitude, just how i like it)
so, this piece is an instant fav to me!
Sankam's avatar
Thanks for the kind words. I'm always a little surprised when people think Moira is pretty-- I think of her as a tomboy. Must be those big doe eyes. =)
AmbrMerlinus's avatar
That's a dash-clever pun you've got going on there. :D I like how the deer has three digits on her hand.
Sankam's avatar
I admit to stealing the pun (with permission) from one of the Ozfoxes' holiday cards. The three-digit hand is my idea though. =)
resuki's avatar
:rofl: Oh, good one! Great! ~can't stop laughing now~

I love the bunny's (Shar?) expression.
Sankam's avatar
I can't take credit for the gag, only the picture. =)
resuki's avatar
Wonderfully done, either way. :D
Artytoons's avatar
Now the hard part is getting all of them to let go. :-)
LaurasMuse's avatar

Just curious- do you have any major male characters?
Sankam's avatar
Well, Brandon Panda and Rohan the Faerie Dragon in this picture are both male. Brandon and Brandi Panda (no relation) are the main characters of another strip I have in the works. Rohan's mainly an avatar (that's him in my icon over there).

The supporting cast for Persona Animus has male and female characters, but for Survival of the Fittest, Elise and Moira are on their own.
MorphieAnna's avatar
Love these tiny LiL' hooves ..
oh, and the cute face
seems someone really is held Deer?
FanartProf's avatar
aw! geez! your artwork and character designs are beyond excelent! the characters are sooo cute!
Sankam's avatar
Thanks for the kind words! I wish I was a bit more consistent...
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