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Elise Portrait

By Sankam
As promotional pieces for my comic, Persona Animus, I am doing formal portraits in oil of the main characters. This one is Elise Bowen, a healer and diplomat. I also made wallpaper.

This is my first finished illustration in oil. Ever! Very challenging.

This picture is available as a print! Details here!
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© 2007 - 2021 Sankam
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Fur Elise? Sorry, couldn't resist. This is very nicely done. You should be proud. I like the costuming, especially the way you painted her lace trim and the folds of the cloth. You have captured the texture of the cloth-bound book behind her. It reminds me of some of the books my father had.

The only criticism I have is that I think you could have muted a little more the green in the shadow behind her.
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A nicely thought out color palette, some nice technique and soft shading that make her look all adorable and fluffy. (Though she looks a bit old on the picture, like a grandma; was this intentional?) I love the way the dress turned out.

And the concept itself--an anthropomorphic character masterfully depicted in oil, as if a Rembrandt portrait--is heartwarming somehow.
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Very beautiful
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So, so cute! :flirty:
Well done! :clap:
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see tribute to your pic, will reomve if not o.k. with you
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No problem, as long as you credit me when you display it (which you are). Strange to see the environment around her go all surreal like that... it feels like I am rapidly falling away from the picture.
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hmmm nice take on it, thanks
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mice pictures rock
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lovely...i love the color ;)
such a lady she is.. :D :D

an congrats on DD!! :D :D
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She looks like something Walt Disney would drem up to serve Cinderella..... Lovely...
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Now that is one nice piece!
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I love her eyes! She looks so sweet!

Awesome job for a first time oil painting!
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Great job with the painting, l love the highlights and shadows in the painting. How long have you been painting?
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Let's see, it's been... (Looks at watch...)

In all seriousness, I just took up oils a little over a year ago. I've been taking classes in painting, composition, and color theory. I had done most of my color work digitally before then (and I still do, now), but I love real media. There's just something about having a physical artifact at the end of the process that is so satisfying.

Thanks for the kind words!
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I had some limited experience with painting in my high school art class and a semester of painting in college. I was never any good with coloring mediums, but I want to work on them more. I want to practice with watercolor in particular, but I constantly get interupted at home.
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I've found that once you start to understand tone and color, you can pick up almost any medium and get decent results pretty quickly.
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wow! so many many comments and views! and all well deserved! congratulations!
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I appreciate the nice, traditional feel that this piece has - it's a fresh alternative to the usual style of work that I'm used to seeing around here.

What I like about it is that it's not a completely refined piece - it's not overly done. It's simple and elegant. Keep it up.

- MH
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Thank you-- I have found I really enjoy painting with real paint.

I think the secret to good painting is knowing when to stop before you screw it up. =)
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wow!!!!! you are soooo talented!!!! :D
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very nice, I see why it was selected as a DD
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