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Color commission for my dear friend Sean Sautter.

Line by - Sean Sautter

Color by -(me) Sanju R. Nivangune

I hope you all like it.
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© 2011 - 2021 sanjun
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HelloI've been looking for an artist to do an artwork for me on deadpool
Ryan Reynolds Blade Trinity, right? 
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Lovin' the 'pool
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wow that Hannibal King pic work perfect for this great job
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WOOOW!! Excellent arms!
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Nice, Lol i too used the Ryan Reynlods body from Blade III for an image i did.
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Thanks! yaa! i know,this line done by my friend Sean.

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Have live^)Cooooool:)
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Thanks a lot
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Dead Pool is freak'n awesome!... sweet piece!!... People who talk shit on Rob...SUCK!!!...
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man I like it alot..Nice color and Pose...Proud to be an INDIAN Man....
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Reminds me of.........something
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Something what?
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A promotional picture for a movie that came out in 2006. with a specific actor. About an african american advanced member of a supernatural species... who didn't have the weaknesses of the other members. who was a total badass

and in this movie fought the most famous creature to be associated with this species. (next to a certain sparkling guy)

And teamed up with the daughter of his mentor and the specific actor on the promotional picture that this picture reminds me of.
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Great rendition of Deadpool.

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