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Commenters and Inattentional Blindness by sanjouin-dacapo, literature

Warning To Vigilantes: Under The Moon by sanjouin-dacapo, literature


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Any of the old skool platforms, DDR machines
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Natural media, Adobe, Most Freeware Art Programs
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1980's/90's cartoons, Doctor Who, Sailor Moon, Drawing, Fanfiction
And Lucky has another sibling. Three babies!
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Dunno what I think about the art style. Kinda bright and shiny compared to the original. As for Rogue getting flattened a bit in the back and front, I have mixed feelings. I like the original better, but I also think the original design looks kinda... Silicone. I understand where the guys are coming from because yeah we do need some exaggeration in a very visual medium, but I also would like girls to not aspire to get big boobs that might realistically give them back issues. Plus, my very Christian mom would probably like the more proportional design better because for as long as I remember, she always hated Barbie and thought she looked horrible. Her boobs were too big, feet and hands too small, various other issues, while I and the other girls just liked to play dress up and stuff with Barbie and her friends. Of course there are lots of articles about how inaccurate Barbie's proportions are, how she wouldn't be able to stand or eat or whatever. They are kinda focusing a little too much on that like I am on the itty bitty annoying scratch on my glasses lens. Let's just forget that maybe most dolls are rather inaccurate when it comes to anatomy. Like, most little girls don't look like Strawberry Shortcake or Raggedy Ann, or the Cabbage Patch Kids. And even the more realistic baby dolls aren't so completely proportionate either. But I digress. Basically, we need some design exaggeration in visual Media - especially comics and cartoons. Like maybe adjust her design a little bit to somewhere in the middle, so she looks voluptuous and seductive, but not like she's had a boob job or needs to sleep in a Milwaukee brace? Also, uniboob is at least a little realistic. Like, a lot of my bras do make my boobs look like that. I'm sure a lot of women can attest to that. Maybe try to balance the two design extremes out? Now for Morph. Generally I'm not into neo pronouns (ducks from possible fruit projectiles) but for Morph it does kind of make sense. They were male in the original cartoon, probably understandable in the 90s when everything was 'satanic' and even strict rules like Hellfire Club being renamed and Wolverine not being allowed to use his claws on people didn't matter. Morph is a shape shifter and can be male or female. In fact, Marvel wanted the female mutant Mystique to be Nightcrawler's 'father', having shifted into a male and fertilized Irene Addler, her lover. That didn't fly back then, but in the new continuity, Mystique is apparently now the father. It's pretend, because nobody can currently change their gonads from one sex to another. However, in the X-Men universe, some mutants and the Skrulls - also shape shifters - can. In 'The Runaways' one Skrull character mentioned changing sex for them was like changing clothes. Morph can and has been both male and female, and can change at the drop of a hat. Morph has been multiple people. So if Morph wants to be they, more power to Morph. Then there's Alyson Court giving the role of Jubilee to an actual Asian. I'm not sure about that because honestly, I think race should not matter when voicing a cartoon. Cartoons are pretend. That said, I'm not opposed to her giving the role to someone else either. If the new actress can mimic the tart strawberry voice of Alyson Court, awesome! And if George Buza for some reason has to retire from voicing Beast, I would replace him with Ross Bagdasarian Jr. because Ross's voice has that same warm hug quality to it. Whenever I hear Hank 'Beast' McCoy speak, I imagine a hug or sitting by a toasty fire wrapped in a fluffy, fleecy blanket and drinking hot cocoa. (Side note, if Hank had a female counterpart in another universe, I think she would look kinda like Martha Generic, Bobby's mom from the cartoon Bobby's World, and be as strong and buff as a Rose Quartz or the average Amethyst, and would have a fluffy, sweet, marshmallowy high voice like the YouTuber Wolfychu) Just give the character a good voice even if the VA doesn't look like the character. They can't all be inksuit actors. Finally, I don't care what topics the episodes touch on or which way they slant. I don't need to agree with a story to like it. I have enjoyed several episodes of Picard, Orville, and plenty of other series that I didn't agree with. Including the piggy episode of Black Mirror. My opinion is, the Prime Minister was in a no-win situation. I think he shouldn't have given into the demands of that asshole because honestly, it would be the asshole who killed the princess - not the Prime Minister. And his wife still is cold and gives him no sympathy. He should have said that the princess is not a bargaining chip and his sexual purity is not for sale. It would just be better, in my opinion, to be clean. As for a "San Junipero", I believe human euthanasia is wrong, but I am able to enjoy the drama and the love story. With the more recent one, "Joan is Awful", I think Joan was an idiot for doing what she did in that Church. Her rights were violated and it's my opinion that putting those kinds of terms in a big end user license agreement is kind of like slipping something in someone's drink - very scummy at the least, and it may be tantamount to rape. I can understand why she did what she did, but I don't condone it. Though again, I digress. Basically, make some leftist storylines, that's fine with me. Just make stories with messages rather than messages with a little story. Don't talk down to your viewers, and don't beat them over the head. Some anvils need to be dropped, but they're the spice, not the meal. So I don't know your opinions on this, but I have no desire to just parrot either side on this when I may not know all the facts. Make of it what you will. Enjoy the show. And the shit show.
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Used to try to fix everything. Now the expression "Not my circus, not my monkeys" is sounding more and more appealing.
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