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We all have heard the fairy tales of the shape-shifters; stories of were-wolves, the frog prince, or just the simple Changers, who could not turn into just one, but two creatures.  There was also the fairly rare, but powerful Shifters, who could shift into any living thing.  But the world is convinced that these fairy tales are exactly what they are called; fairy tales.  But these stories, these…fairy tales…they are real.  Every last one of them, were true.  But now…they have all died out.  The Shifters, are gone.  Even the common Changers have disappeared.  And they have been gone for thousands of years.  The only thing that keeps the Shifters alive, are the stories we tell.

And their spirits, which still wander the Earth.

There is a cave, a cave that no one has heard of until now.  It is home to the Shifter spirits, and their leaders.  There are only a few remaining spirits here, though, because many of the spirits that once lived here had made the choice to move on, to leave the spirit cave.  But the ones that remain, thankfully, are the only ones that matter.  The leaders of the Shifters…

The Guardians.
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A nice, short teaser for my future story, Shifters.

OK, this story has been in the works since I was like what, 6 years old? I don't remember, but it was a long time ago. The story is about these Shape-Shifters, or Shifters for short, and the Guardians, who are the most powerful Shifters. Now, that's all I can say about what the story is about, since this story is STILL in the works. But, I can tell you how I came up with the story...

OK, so some of you may have heard of the comic/TV show, Teen Titans. Now, I used to watch the show Teen Titans when I was little, and my favorite character was Beast Boy, who was a green shape-shifter boy, and...I admit it, I was such a huge fan girl of Beast Boy. I was such a fan of him, I actualy day dreamed of being a shape-shifter as well, and being part of the Teen Titans, and Beast Boy being my partner. Well, from there, my ideas grew, and when I was around 11 years old, I replaced the Teen Titans with my own original characters, and I even switched my shape-shifter character, whom I called Cheyanne (after me) at the time. I changed her name to Hazel, and gave her a different personality (Hazel will be in the story). But, then I changed her name to Paige, and gave her a different personality (Paige will also be in the story). Then...oh crap, I've already given you too many spoilers! :O

Anyway, the first character that will come into play in the story is Hazel. Now, if you'd like some backround on her, she's a 16 year old rich girl, who just absolutely hates life. When she runs away, she dicovers something that I can't tell you about, and she becomes a Shifter. What kind of Shifter? It's a secret. :XD: The different kinds of Shifters are the Were-wolves, the Changers, the Shifters, and the Guardians. Were-wolves and Changers will not be a big part of the story, and you will learn more about the Shifters and the Guardians in the story.

And...I don't know when I will start posting the chapters. I may not ever post them, actually, because I'm kind of wanting to...I don't know, publish it into a pretty, hard cover novel. *sighs*

But, anyway, I'm also currently working on a 'Shifters' forum, where you can learn more about the story, possibly read chapters if I decide to post them, and maybe even role play your own Shifter. :aww: I'm so excited! :iconexcitedplz:

Shifters belongs to me
I've been working on this for many years now...if you even think about stealing it, I will kidnap you, tear you limb from limb, eat the remaining peices of you body, spit it out onto a fire, then throw the ashes into the ocean. Then I will do the same to your family, friends, and everyone else that is dear to you. I'm not kidding, either.
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You were a BB fan!!!!! ME TOOO! OMG! I used to day dream, that I was a shape-shifter too, and BB was my partner....and brother....yes I was that crazy...and that we broke away from the Titans to from our own team....and stuff!! BB is awesome, I still love him!!!! Anyway thats a very intreging story...it simi re-mind me of a story I writing....its different, but, in truth I was going to call it Shifters.....good thing I didn't....instead I named it The Half Breeds...its about weres....such as the main charie is a werewolf...but shhh now don't want to give away too much
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SanjanaIndicaHobbyist Digital Artist
Holy crap, another BB fan! *faints* He used to be my favorite TV show character. :aww:

Cool! :aww: Though my story is going to be a bit different than what you're probably expecting it to be. It isn't just going to be about a bunch of shape-shifters. :XD: Plus, I'm planning on there being 5 or 6 books to it.

And I can't wait to read your story, if you decide to post it! :D
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WOW....talk about mager series....well bigger than any books I came up with...
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Well hey, I've been working on this thing for about 8 years now, so I've got a huge plot for it. :D I can't wait to get it started! :iconexcitedplz: <- I love that icon! :XD:
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me 2