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[DotW] Anakoni

Name: Anakoni
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Height:  33 inches
Weight: 97 lbs
Build: Anakoni is one thick, fluffy boy. His fur is extremely thick, and on top of that is a bit chunky. He has a bit of a roman nose going on, small ears, and a large chin. He holds himself confidently and smugly.

Territory: Chandor
Family: Arcuza (Mother) | Mechka (Father) | Virago, Rajbera, Viola (Sisters)
Rank: Delta Elk

New Bitter and Angry - Anakoni feels little but rage now. Rage at the people who failed him. Rage at himself, most of all. He expects nothing good to come his way -- unless he forcefully takes it. Better yet if he can hurt those who failed his family along the way.

Playful and Snarky - Anakoni is pretty typical of a young boy. He's got a mouth, but can be just beyond precious with his adorable puppy antics so he knows half the time he can get away with a little bit of snark. And it's not that he's purposely being rude, he is just so young and immature and doesn't realize that sometimes words can be hurtful. He never means harm -- he is just trying to play and joke around!

Proud and Pretentious - Anakoni is proud of his parents! From the stories of his father to watching his mother, he believes that his parents are, or were, the greatest representatives of Chandor Bears and thus believes that he himself will, of course, become the greatest of them all. He is so sure of this, in fact, that he doesn't put an awful lot of effort into actually, well, trying or preparing for his future. He already has the blood of great warriors, so clearly he has natural talent for it! And natural talents means that he doesn't have to actually TRY, obviously.

Affectionate and Lovable - This is the ultimate momma's boy. He loves to snuggle up with his mother and siblings at any given moment. Or just anyone, really. Strangers are just friends you haven't made yet, after all! Doesn't matter who you are, Anakoni will walk up to you and curl up with you for nap time.

Friendly and Clingy - Anakoni is beyond clingy. If you befriend him, be prepared to constantly have this pup pestering you, day in and day out, talking about his day, about his plans for the future. But as annoying as he can be, Anakoni is just generally a friendly and outgoing child. He always wants to be surrounded by friends and family and hates to be alone.

Outwardly, Anakoni appears to be a little spoiled brat. He is so convinced that he is destined to become the greatest bear Chandor has ever seen, and thus all should love and revere him now to get ahead of the game! Yet at the same time, he puts little to no effort to actually learn and grow, thinking all the strength and bravery he'll ever need will just naturally come to him as he grows into his paws. However, all of this comes from a place of great desire to make his mother proud, and perhaps even bring his father back. He wants desperately to meet his father someday, and believes that perhaps if he becomes strong and impressive enough, his father will return and be so proud of him he'll have no choice but to stay, and then they can all be a family.

Because above all else, Anakoni longs for a strong and loving family. He fears being alone, and almost always needs someone near him. He needs someone to love, and for someone to love him, always. If there is no one near him to occupy his mind, Anakoni can quickly fall into a bit of a depressive state as his mind quickly runs wild, terrified that everyone has or will leave him or doesn't want him around anymore, and that he has failed his mother and his father.

Overall, while Anakoni certainly can have rather bratty behaviors, he truly just wants love and attention and craves approval more than anything else. He wants to do good things and become something Chandor can be proud of, but does not yet have the maturity to realize that that is something he will have to work for to achieve. It's as though he believes the more he says it, the more likely it is to come true.

Pre-Group History: Anakoni was born to Arcuza and Mechka, Bear totems of Chandor. However, his father left before his birth so he never got to meet Mechka. Yet he has nothing but positive impressions of his father, and dreams of someday meeting him, but only after he has grown to be as strong and powerful as him!

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Love the juvie update! Anakoni looks great :la:
If you'll ever want him to interact with Sunrise, just drop me a note!