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Material Player for Rainmeter

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A clean and simple Material Design skin for Rainmeter's NowPlaying plugin.  

  Play/pause when cover art is left-clicked
 ✓ Next song when cover art is right-clicked
 ✓ Previous song when cover art is middle-clicked
  Clickable playback bar to seek within track
  Conforms to Material Design spec: colors, typography, etc.
  Responsive, yet low CPU overhead

1.2 - 2015/03/27 - Put images inside Resources/Images folder to make the installation nicer. Added new control features per Indefinitions' suggestion.
1.1 - 2015/03/23 - Put fonts inside Resources/Fonts folder so Rainmeter can find them properly. Oops!
1.0 - 2015/03/22 - Initial release.
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Venom8791New Deviant

Player shows whats playing but no album cover or timer

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For people who 's having problem how to use this>

  1. load the skin.

  2. right click>select 'edit skin'

  3. you will see [Variables]>Player=choose what player you are using

  4. mine MediaMonkey so..

  5. player=MediaMonkey

  6. DONE :D

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Nothing happens when I load the skin while running the spotify app :(
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I use it with spotify but it doesn't show the album cover or the time (shows the name and all and I can play/pause), can anyone help?
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Even more threadjack :P

Version 1.3 of this modified skin is out!


Source Code:…
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Whelp nevermind, figured it myself.


Version 1.2.2 for the Nayu Modification Version:…
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By the way, is it possible to hide the player if nothing's playing on it? Cause I've currently set it on topmost so when I'm not playing anything it'll show up when I'm in fullscreen video mode, which is kinda irritating :3
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Uhm, just tagging here: I modified this plugin so it'll fit into the windows 10 taskbar, if anyone's interested :/

Anyway, it's here:…

sanityvampire, I really hoped you didn't mind this cause I really like this skin, but it wasn't scalable so I manually scaled each value :P

Source code is available at…, but as usual, all credits to sanityvampire for the original code, I only changed a few numbers :/
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I don't mind at all! If I recall correctly, I borrowed much of the logic for Material Player from another skin, so I don't really feel as though it represents significant development work on my part. I'm mostly responsible for the aesthetic design... which, of course, I mostly borrowed from Google.

So have at it. I starred your repo.
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To select a player click edit and in [mPlayer] enter the name of the music player you are using behind PlayerName=
so for example if you are using spotify you will get this      PlayerName=Spotify
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how do i add music that i have downloaded? or does it support any free services?
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spotify support?
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How to get it to work with Spotify? Thanks.
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does it work with spotify
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Hi there, I have been using Material Player for sometime now and it has been working perfectly but as of 31/12/2016 it has stopped displaying what song is playing when I am listening to music. I use iTunes to listen to music and I have made sure that the PlayerName = iTunes and I have refreshed the skin multiple times but I have still found no success.

Any help in this situation would be great!


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00KazutoStudent Digital Artist
For anyone trying to get this to work for iTunes go into the edit skin and edit the part that says PlayerName=#Player# to PlayerName=iTunes under [mPlayer].

(Should be 22nd line down from top for those who can't find it)
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dgmrokiStudent Digital Artist
how do i get this to work on itunes
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Is it possible to use this with MusicBee? If so - how can I do that?
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I'm pretty sure I did something wrong when installing this. I changed the Player parameter to MusicBee and the mouse buttons to control the music work fine but none of the info like the artist, album or song name show up at all. What else should I have done?
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sir can you teach me what to change so that i can play music thanks
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Was quick and easy to install. The problem is, when I close media player, this player just flashes. Any idea why?
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does it work with AIMP?
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Very nice, thank you.
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heavyoakHobbyist General Artist
it doesn't seem to work with winamp...
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