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Patreon Contest October Prize - Asuroth

Doodle for Asuroth 
Featuring vaderaz Zycra being nommed by Liora. Minion Just wants to keep her comfy :P

The monthly contests are still going on for patrons! Just pledge 5$ and submit an idea with your character for a chance to win art every month
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Well, you can already guess (and know!) that I enjoy this one quite a lot XD. Always love seeing her big 'enthusiastic' smile of sorts and doing her best job at being minion to keep the succ nice and safe at her small size! You never know if mermaids will be out to get her for all the trouble she causes... It's fun seeing the different experessions between Liora's and then Zycra's much less enthused one hehe XD. Also enjoy how you've conveyed her body type well in just this little bit- can see just enough to get the feeling how strong her arms may be and that bit of scar visible. So ya, I enjoy every bit of this =D.

Saninaka's avatar

lol thanks! I still really love how this one came out. Shenanigans between these two is always fun ;P

vaderaz's avatar

Dum minion, how is this suposed to help? >:O

Asuroth's avatar

Is there anywhere safer than in the buggy belly of most helpful minion =D? You never know what fish may try to pull with tiny succs!

Saninaka's avatar

maybe its just comfy for her in there :)

I love the expressions in this one
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Thanks! Was fun drawing Lioras big smile :D

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