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My complete chart and terms of service to be found here.

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Original drawings for sale here.
Adoptables I made.


Not sure about something? Simply ask :)

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Last edited on 9th March 2020. 

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Hey is this ever going to open again? >:
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Thanks for asking, I post new journals on DA or posts on other social media Im active on when I am open.
This one wont be updated since its using a skin i cant use as user without premium membership.
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Hey Saniika, happy holidays.   I see you have posted a lot of beautiful artwork lately! My favorites are the Moleskins and the ACEOs.

I was wondering if you had ever considered offering bigger commissions, possibly A4 size, 300 DPI?  If you did, what were your policy be, for someone requesting a larger commission?  Circumstances I could think of where a client might want a larger copy would be to make a print to display in their home, have holiday cards for family members, or pass on a line art you did to another artist to finish coloring.

There was a discussion about this recently on AB, if you are curious.…   The artists talked about how they do different sizes and resolution requests.

If you could please kindly let me know, I'd appreciate it.  =)
saniika's avatar
Hello Ada!

I also like the cards and moleskines. The latter hasnt been ordered for some time now, but I plan a special project, which I might offer for sale in future.

Thanks for asking - I am not sure if you mean traditional ones - I make sizes up to A4 and scan at default 300dpi. In some cases the clients ask for the fullsize, which I am happy to oblige - for no commercial use.

For digital pieces - I made works up to A3 in 300 dpi and will do one for a special project of 350 dpi in a while. These I do not offer as commissions, if so I would charge higher price, as the size if bigger. In my current circumstances I stray from bigger projects and my delivery time is longer than in days when I was a fulltime freelancer. It is though open to discussion, if the project interests me enough.

Hope this helps!

Happy holidays!
adaydreaming-artist's avatar
Hi Saniika, thank you very much for explaining your policies to me.  I really appreciate it =)

The type of artwork I was referring to was digital.  I noticed the measurements given were 700 x 1000 and 600 x 600 for example, which made me wonder if you offered larger commission sizes (A4 and A3), as well as what resolution you provided.    =)

I look forward to seeing your new projects!  I hope your holidays were filled with joy and PUGS!!
saniika's avatar
The largest listed in my chart is 1500x2400 - while all works are 300dpi by default. :)

Oh on the pug note - I finally managed to pet a real one this years in December :D I am so excited about it still. It was even better than I imagined.
To you too!
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Are you taking any more commissions and if so, do you accept US dollar?
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No, not at the moment - only euro as stated in the chart.
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Okay just asking.  Thanks anyway.
hmnj's avatar
Are your commissions closed now?
saniika's avatar
Thanks for asking, the regular ones, yes - I have one moleskine journal open atm only.
hmnj's avatar
Oh, wonderful!
Can I have a slot for one digital and moleskine, please(I hope I understand everything correctly^^;)?
saniika's avatar
Hi again!

Digital is closed now :)
just this is open: Moleskine journal commission :3 OPEN

Please use my email to order a commission.

hmnj's avatar
Thank you, I send you a message:)
goblinprince01's avatar
can I send my wish -list?
saniika's avatar
This is not the right place, please read the instructions. :)
Eeren's avatar
Do you... still have a free slot? :)
saniika's avatar
Yep, I do, I am open for now. :)
Eeren's avatar
I'd like to get a digital colored chibi commission, please! :)
Can I send you a note with more info?
And if you give me your paypal address I'll send the payment right away! ^^
saniika's avatar
Please send me an email :) I will give you a total and once its approved by you Ill share my payment details. Thats how I do it!
Eeren's avatar
Perfect! I'll take the address from your commission info and send you a message right now :)
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