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OCs I designed from web-series called Worm - from left to right: Damsel of Distress, Glory Girl, Panacea. Digital colored waist-up commission for :iconmihoshik:
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So, have you read Ward? It's the Official Sequel to WORM!
Damsel is in it in a big way.
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Why does Panacea look male to me?

I think its the chin, her chin makes my eyes see her as a guy.
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What do you mean by OCs? They're canon. The guy who wrote Worm made them up, but Worm isn't fanfiction.
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Damsel_Of_ Distress.  It's a pun she's not in it, she causes it.
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Wasn't her name Damsel of Distress?
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wonderful!!! absolutely LOVE the greek style on glory girl, the details on panacea's robe, and wow now i have a visual for the damsel!!!!!! <3 <3 thank you!
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Thank you! :D Glad you like them!
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This is awesome. I particularly like Panacea's resigned look, you really get why she, uh, did what she did.

keep it up!! \o/
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Really nice drawing. You captured all of them amazingly. And I love the style! :D

I only wish Panacea didn't have the stylized version of the rod of Caduceus on her arm. I guess it makes sense given the setting is in America, but as someone who is named after a Greek God you would think _she_ would know the difference between Caduceus (two snakes; god of commerce and thieves) and Asclepius (one snake; god of healing).
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Thank you for the comment - I appreciate it.

The specifics on outfit and symbols were directed by the author himself, so I merely did what was requested.
Personally I did not read into the meaning of the symbols or the story itself (only few excerpts). :)
Maybe that would be a good comment or question on the commissioner and writer.
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Cough.  Damsel OF Distress, its a  pun on Damsel in Distress because she causes it rather than experiences it.

Good art, though.
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They look a lot older than I imagined any of them, I think, but the costumes and actual art are all great. 
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Thank you! I appreciate the feedback :)
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Love that Panacea! She can be frustrating to readers sometimes but she is really interesting to me and how you've drawn her here is great -- all of them are great!
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Many thanks! I am glad you like them :)
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complete badassery level!
Wonderful work! 
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Wow, Damsel looks like she herself could put you into a good distress :D Her designing must have been difficult with those (wonderful) superlong fingers! Well, I go admire bodyshading. Though there's something under her breasts that doesn't quite fit - too high arched rib cage? Seems higher than actual sternum. Stare 
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Thank you very much. I also think there is something on her a little off. When I was working on her in the phase of coloring I was actually recovering from illness so it might be that my concentration/judgment was affected.
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Yay, Damsel! Those hands are so cool!
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