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Computer Failure, BRB

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 18, 2016, 6:22 PM

After the wireless function gave out a few months back and had me limited to a router cord, my battery has finally decided to kick the bucket DESPITE BEING OKAY and me checking it like a hundred times in the past few weeks. So....I'm not going to be able to run anything too strenuous on it for a while. My laptop is still functioning, but not really well. Leaving the battery in makes my laptop freak out, so it's outside the computer and on the charger. It already cut off on some stuff I was doodling. Good job, laptop >:/// if I repair the battery, who knows what's going to fritz up next?

I'll be getting a new laptop really soon, hopefully, which will be compatible with all my stuff. I'm working on backing it up to my ext drive now, and I wish it wasn't from these stupid circumstances, but what else can I do? Huffs. I may lose some of my pixel base stuff, so we'll see if I'm still capable of doing those commissions when I get back. I'll have to remake it otherwise, and I know that might disappoint a few people who are on a pending list. Sorry! I'll do my best to keep everything organized :c

Dang it Inspiron you were supposed to last for more than three years. My old bum FIRST LAPTOP EVER still works, and it runs on WINDOWS VISTA. Do better, Microsoft. I bet this is some kind of retaliation for not upgrading to windows 10. WELL, HERE YOU GO, you losers. Now I have to get windows 10, just on a new laptop. Meh.

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June 18, 2016