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Double Fine please just take everything in my wallet right now
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Dedusmuln was recently mugged and is taking commissions to try and get some money back. Please check out their art and commission them if you can -their sonic style stuff is the bomb, and they drew something for me a while back that looks really, really great!
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***TUESDAY: We were given photos of the damage. For reference....the water is still this high. Our cats are living mostly feral for now, but there's still a little bit of dry land. Sorta. FEMA will cover the damages.… this is my house. Water has not made it inside, since the house is elevated. Water is still rising, so danger persists and our family may continue to be displaced months after the waters fall.… this is Bev's house. It's half underwater.


***MONDAY: Our family houses are flooded. Bev's is mostly underwater. Ours is in danger of being next. Our pets have been moved, save the cats, which are being fed regularly on the remaining dry land. We're not sure if we can return home. Dams were breaking all over Columbia, and floods were sweeping in and further contaminating the water and damaging infrastructure. We're in Greenville with a friend. If classes resume this week, they're out of their minds. We're staying up here through the weekend if possible....which means I'll be celebrating my 21st birthday away from home with my house possibly destroyed. Reality hasn't hit me yet. This is devastating. We've lost a lot of things today, but at least family wasn't one of them. Water's only going to keep rising at home. Columbia.....well, that's complicated.


It's a disaster here. About half the state is totally soaked. Schools have been canceled, cars are adrift, and houses are underwater.

My home area's bridges which used to be 25 feet above water are now in danger of overflow. My house, which is on a hill, is in danger. The swamp is swallowing the land whole. The city I went to school in is under around 5 feet of water in some places. And that's not all - where I live is under 2 feet of water in low areas, dams are breaking....I see an area of this town just a mile from here underwater with some cars flowing away. We're camping out ten floors over the waters. We are not in immediate danger here, but there has been a boil advisory issued due to sewers leaking into the water. We have plenty of bottled water and all took showers before the advisory was issued, so we'll be healthy too. Power is still on and seems like it will continue to be, even though the food hub on the campus had no power earlier today. I miss vegetables though - all we have is sweets.

This place sucks. My hometown's going to come back with major business and structure damage and the rain is going to stagnate for days. The town I'm currently in is getting worse. I've seen pictures of caskets floating out of graves and into streets, even. I'm from a place with three houses, and they're on a gradual rise of land. Our lowest lying neighbor had to evacuate, and only the top of his last truck is visible. The water is past their porch.  The next house is that of my cousin (who lives with me up here in the capital) and it's now got five steps left on the porch before the house floods. My house is even higher above that, on a hill, but the water is almost touching the bottom of the house. My parents assure us that they and our pets are okay, but we can't help being worried about them anyway. They're essentially trapped down a one-way-out road where both ends are covered in enough to float a car away. if it raises up closer to my house, it could damage the riverside strip very heavily.

Here are a few photos:……………

Please keep this state in your thoughts. It's going to be a short week of classes, but honestly, who cares. This weather is horrid.
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First of all, shoutout to a man named Elisha Otis. Long ago, this man invented a braking system that made putting electronic elevators in buildings safe and possible. He's going to be making my life a lot easier real soon.

What follows is a story about how people (with a few exceptions) are generally terrible to rely on in case of emergency.


Anyway, this year I'm enrolled in a class which aims to help me do my "prove you're smart enough to graduate" senior project. This is a senior thesis. It basically means I either write an 80 page research paper or complete an exceptionally long, hard, possibly expensive project that results in a 40 page research paper. If I'm scarce for a while, I'm away doing the work of a grad student. That's what it means to graduate with the Honors distinction: if you did this anywhere else you'd get your Masters, but if I don't do it I can't get a diploma.

In order to make myself STOP hyperventilating, I attended a meeting yesterday which was meant to help juniors like myself somehow get excited about this. By a measure of divine grace, it actually worked. I decided to reward myself with a snack at the nearby yogurt shop because let's face it: I'm an AMERICAN. At risk of my physical and digestive health I subconsciously bribe myself with food while attempting to eat better. I get the toasted marshmallow with a bunch of chocolate rocks and graham cracker crumbles and sit down for a while. Life seems really good.

...and then I trip over a detour sign in full view of the general public.

I promise you, I'm not a klutz anymore. I do just about all brisk movement on my toes like a childhood of unwanted ballet classes is coming back to haunt me. Midway down to the ground, I found myself in a mental conundrum. Why this? What happened? MY BOOKBAG IS FLYING OVER MY HEAD INTO TRAFFIC. WHERE DID MY SHADES GO. OH GOD I'M GOING TO LAND ON MY RIGHT ARM. I CAN'T DO THAT. THAT'S THE MONEY ARM. I'LL NEVER HAVE MONEY AGAIN. DO I NEED MY LEG? NO! I DON'T NEED MY RIGHT LEG. GOODBYE, LEG.

Splat. Twenty unwitting pedestrians witnessed my magnificent fall and I have to admit...getting some assistance would have been nice. I actually thought I broke my knee and by this point I was bleeding way more than I thought I should have been. I hobbled up the steps and sat down, putting my bookbag in front of my leg as a wind block and so that the first sight that little children going to get fancy ice cream would see didn't have to be gross asphalt burn. Regardless, nobody who witnessed this disaster helped me because of that myth that only freshmen trip over things in front of others. Why do these people like freshman blood so much? I actually needed a first aid kit, which was graciously brought by my friend that I CALLED. Because in this day and age, you only call someone if you're over 45 years old or someone is dying. I think bleeding and being unable to walk properly when you're a mile from home counts as dying.

It took a while, but with some help I was able to hobble back. I don't have any wrapping bandages, so I can't wear shorts. If I wear long pants, I'll probably scream. If I do any of that, I can't go out in public. When I shower, it feels like suffering until adrenaline kicks in and I feel like I'm going off into battle to chop off a few heads. I can barely walk. But hey - I saved my hand. That's what matters, right? So I can do these week one essay and project assignments? So I can maybe color something to show to you guys? So I can still play video games?

So I can feel misery to its fullest extent when I have to run half a mile in three minutes because the buses are never on time? Oh yeah. Yay. Good for you.
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  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt? Six years, nearly seven, on a different old account.

  2. What does your username mean? It's a skewed spelling of "Sanguine," my favorite word.

  3. Describe yourself in three words. Bad At Explanation

  4. Are you left or right handed? Right

  5. What was your first deviation? It's not up anymore since I cleaned out my old account. The earliest one in this gallery is this, but I had one of Desco that got deleted in another cleanup. Beryl Day by Sanguynn

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create? Digital. You can go over it as many times as you need to and the colors pop.

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be? ANIMATION. I want to know how to make A become B.

  8. What was your first favourite? ON THIS ACCOUNT... Being Sarduca is Suffering by Dr-Sardonicus We're good. But on my old account....oh no. I love being reminded of when I was 14. Zim and the Sponge by alaskanbullworm

  1. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most? Digital, either of monsterpeople or stuff I like.

  2. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist? I really don't know.

  3. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be? I WANNA MEET UP WITH Firewarrior117 and SEE Dr-Sardonicus AGAIN AND TAKE THE TRIO TO MEDIEVAL TIMES FOR A JOUSTING

  4. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life? The two above make my life a whole lot better on a daily basis

  5. What are your preferred tools to create art? An Intuos4, mechanical pencils, a trusty sketchbook I'm not worried about drawing badly in, and sometimes my copics.

  6. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art? I draw at a desk or lappdesk. I can't focus anywhere else. My stuff's heavy.

  7. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory? I roleplayed with my friends in a DA chatroom and it was fun until I lost my inspiration bug.

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I have GERD, which is a fancy way of saying I have severe acid reflux. I got told to take the same thing I've been taking in double dose for the rest of my life. Bummer. Even after following instructions a bowl of cereal (because I'd eaten nothing for 18 hours!) is making me feel sick again. Still waiting on the medicine they knocked me out with to dissipate from my system, because I feel like I'm going to sleep for 20 hours. Chances are I'm going to be impaired until this particularly awful spell lets up. It might not. I'm tired of not being able to eat or go out places later at night. My safe foods are now my danger foods. When will this end?

On a lighter note, the doctor who gave me my diagnosis accidentally tongue-slipped and said I had "NERD," which I told him I was already aware of.
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Hello all!! First off, I just want to say I'm really confused about the pageview spike lately. I've been on a sort of vacation with friends for the past week. I did nothing of any importance in regard to this site, unless you count updates to the steam badge on my deviantid and checking messages. So I don't know what happened but I'm a teensy bit offput by it. I guess it's not a big deal.

Second, general life updates and a sort of plea for knowledge. I've spent the past few weeks unable to digest food. Almost ANY food. As in, I had a bit of beans and was in an unrealistic amount of pain for many hours. THAT KINDA SHINDIG. I'm unable to eat most foods at all without putting capsules of pepsin and HCL in my system. I forgot once while I was on this vacation and that was one of the least fun days of my life. I'm so tired of being unable to eat anything but sugars without adverse effects. I really don't know. I'm getting one possible cause for it checked out soon but that doesn't touch on anything else. If it's not a really weird side effect of a hereditary problem, I could be looking at something more serious. It's really hard to keep myself together now that I'm exhausted from socializing and dehydrated to top off this layer-cake of suffering. A job was in sights for me, but considering that I'm more or less a wreck right now with no real cause, it's probably wise to continue trying to make sense of things. I don't know when I'll feel like making art, but chances are I'll attempt it in the near future. I'm getting next to no energy unless it's from hyper-concentrated B12!

Anyways, I'm going to look into this problem and try to keep myself at least mentally active. Physical activity is nigh impossible in this heat wave. If you walk outside for a few moments, even now past midnight, your clothes get sticky enough that they feel like an extra baggy layer of skin.
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I was just wondering if any of you were members of any groups that my artwork might be able to find a place in. I'm not interested in fanart groups for a particular series, artist, or character, just general groups with perks such as matching the sort of style I already have. Preferably, they'll have more than 75 members.

Feel free to recommend groups to me or invite me! Many of the groups I've joined are not very relevant to me anymore, have MIA admins, or have dwindled down to the submissions of just a few members.
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Just a fair warning! You guys can expect me to update my commission info with new options really soon. I've just turned in my final assignment, so I have some time to do art again.

I've got one in my queue already, but my question to you is this - what do you feel like I should offer? What do you most want to see from me: pixel icons? sticker style drawings with minimal shading? More detailed stuff? And the most important question of all - my older anime influenced style, or the more western-influenced one that I've been experimenting with lately?

Silence just means I'll have to work harder. :giggle:
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Top row, scroll to the left. It's next to Defense Maiden - 22 pages of my blood, sweat, and tears (but mostly my blood). In addition, I'm on the staff for the site!

This was where I disappeared to for the latter half of 2014. The reason for my current lack of submissions is a list of ten projects, several writing projects, and every other stress source you can think of culminating into an evil, evil art low. I'm still drawing, but I'm not getting anything I really think is worthy out of my system.
I'm three super hard to find items away from Platinum God in Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. I was 111 hours in when I got all the other achievements, but these last three are giving me sooooo much trouble. Until I find the skeleton key, black lotus, and godhead, I'll be fighting the game mechanism trying to find an explosive starting item or undefined so I can I AM ERROR these things.

I thought that just UNLOCKING the items beforehand would give me the two achievements - nah.
If any of you guys are aware, I go to the University that the shooting happened at today. I was on the other side of campus and I'm now in my apartment, several stories off the ground and with Bev and a friend. The information that's available right now is scattered and needlessly complicated (stupid) but I'm playing hooky from my classes because gun violence terrifies me and I think I'd have an anxiety attack if I walked anywhere within half a mile of the blockoffs. I don't have a class over in that direction today (those are my MWF classes) but the situation is resolved as of right now.

Please keep the students who witnessed the shooting and the victim's family in your thoughts and prayers. No real information is available to me right now aside from rumors. If you know of a network that's reporting information on this please let me know.