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Hey! Art Fight starts today! It's like a month of art Christmas and celebrating others' ocs (and getting yours celebrated in return.) I've had a slight profile name change, so you can now find me at the following link!

Art Fight is a web-based, annual event where artists come together, make a TON of art for each other, and attempt to lead their teams to victory! IT BEGINS JULY 1.
:iconofficialartfight:  :iconofficialartfight:  :iconofficialartfight:
Extra Help

Can't wait to see you there!
If I'm making a journal it must be about Art Fight? Right? Well, good news - this year, I'm on moderation staff! This is my account!

Art Fight is a web-based, annual event where artists come together, make a TON of art for each other, and attempt to lead their teams to victory! IT BEGINS JULY 1.
:iconofficialartfight:  :iconofficialartfight:  :iconofficialartfight:
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About Video:


Ever wanted to beat someone up Ever wanted to get beaten up with art? Join this site so we can slap each other, but with art of ocs and fursonas! It's the most rewarding kind of fighting there is!

Explanation of what on earth this is:  Art Fight 2017!Starting again on July 1st is my favorite online artist event: Art Fight! If you have OCs, and enjoy making and receiving art involving OCs, then I highly suggest you check out the site and set up an account! 
For those who aren’t familiar with Art Fight, here’s a brief overview:
Each year, participating artists are split into two teams. 
The main goal is to find any artist from the team opposite yours, and ‘attack’ them by drawing art of their ocs! Your team receives points based on what you create. 
Artists that receive attacks can then ‘counter’ by drawing an OC belonging to the person who fought them!
The official about page with more in depth information is located here!
Art Fight is a great chance to interact with tons of different artists, get to know the amazing OCs that others have created, and have a lot of fun making art! Th

You have from now until July 1 (and longer, if you like being late) to set up your account, and at the start of the month, the fight will begin and teams will be revealed!

So....please engage me in glorious combat. I'm (mostly) better and ready now.
My graduation has consisted of the good, the bad, and the nasty. Good, of course, being that I'm done with my bachelor's degree. Bad being my computer - yes, the one I've had for less than two years - having critical hardware failure and refusing to let me on it again after running a simple driver scan. I've got to ship it back to the manufacturer to fix the memory issue and it MIGHT end up being replaced, I don't know. Well, it's not like HP techs won't be able to view all my information or anything....please let me know if there's a way to auto log out of places like skype/discord from a different pc. I plan on changing my passwords just in case. The nasty being my germaphobia being triggered up every 5 minutes. Not even gonna go there...

So my graduation presents were generally hyper generous. Like, oh my god, what. The biggest stinker is the bit about my PC and not knowing when I'll get it back, so I'm stuck using my old dell, which if you remember from not too long ago, has no battery and runs like it was thrown out of a window. I'm going to miss the overwatch promotion because this computer can't run anything. ughhhhhhh. I can't even run my VPN because it has a possibly faulty wireless card, which was irrelevant since it was sitting in my closet until today. It'll get me through. Yes, I backed up my stuff, the problem was with RAM.

Art? Maybe, doubtful. Boredom? Yeah. All my games are on steam and redownloading them is gonna take FOREVER. I don't know what I'm going to be doing but it'll probably be sleeping. Always. Sleep is good. Now, I've gotta nap and figure out what on earth I'm gonna do with my life

Currently experiencing issues with my wrist that make me wary of committing to art, so these are on hold for now.

I do accept offers of art, lower prices, DA Points, etc, but keep in mind I am NOT LIKELY to accept characters, especially closed species, as payment, and reserve the right to turn down a commission. You can reupload art to your personal sites/use as icons/etc but ensure credit is provided to me. If you have questions you can always ask!

I reserve the right to refuse a commission. If you own an empty account (no faves/deviations/joined very recently) I will not do business with you until you've established you're not a throwaway account.


PWYW GRABBAG $5+:You provide the character, I draw what I'm inspired to. Can be lined, chibi, sketchy, or experimental.

PWYW COLORED BUST SKETCHES: $5+ (simple, lightly shaded, a bit experimental)


<img wytiwyg="1" <="" strong="">


  • Bust: $12
  • Fullbody: $25


  • Small: $8
  • Medium/Large: $15+
  • PRICES HERE CAN VARY DEPENDING ON WHAT YOU WANT. Smaller pixels and less complicated characters will cost less, please ask!


  • Background: Transparent/Flat FREE, Scenery DEPENDS
  • Other Character: TWICE BASE PRICE EACH
  • If you're curious about something, you can always ask!


  • NSFW / Sexual / Fetish
  • Heavy Mechanical / Geometric
  • Really detailed art from a vague description



Journal Entry: Tue Apr 4, 2017, 12:48 PM
I just sent off my analysis of my thesis (all 30 pages of it) to be matched with my 90ish pages of other thesis work. I'm still in disbelief I've done 120 pages of stuff for this and a buttload of complicated art in such a short amount of time. I still have art and revisions that need to be done, but the first has been pending with anxiety making me work on writing first and the second is something I need feedback before I can do. I feel like I've literally been underwater.


I had a great weekend interspersed with working on this monster hanging out with a friend at a local convention. I spent Too Much Money on shirts and a nendoroid and parking and I feel like i got hit by a truck but that's all part of the experience. I'm tempted to treat myself tonight as congratulations, sort of already did that accidentally at the con :'D

I'm gonna take the day off to rest unless I get another heart-attack inducing email from my superiors about me having fucked up something critical again. Really, how dense am I when I'm stressed out? So dense. I've also probably slept like half the amount I need to every night for the past few weeks.

With any luck I can get back to my passions soon. I can't make grad school in the fall because I wasn't sure of how my condition would be by the deadline (AND I'M SORT OF GLAD TBH I NEED A VACATION) so I'll have free spare time unless whatever job I end up with decides to follow me home like a plat-eye.

If art comes it will continue to be irregular for a while, since I still have other project stuff left over and my hands and fingers and wrists are literally numb from all the desperate drawing and typing. I retyped thirty-odd pages today alone after I was forced to fight my VPN. Wish me luck, I'm still getting by only by the skin of my teeth. Why's school (and a free, private internet experience, for that matter) gotta be so complicated?

It's 4pm and I still haven't eaten because I was afraid of losing my workflow, which repeated days and days of have only led to me being weak and acting like I was raised in a barn. I'm gonna go do that but seriously....hello again, everyone. I'm just gonna ease my way back into the door here and try to pretend I remember how to act like a normal human being


So That Happened.

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 12, 2017, 8:50 AM
Dead in the middle of the night seemed a good time to update my situation for some reason, so for those still curious, here's the relatively good news:

The good news: that hunch I had? CONFIRMED. There's no surefire way to tell that it's the 100% cause, but based on the doctor's immediate observations, there's an incredibly high chance that if I get this fixed, I won't be in pain much longer. The bad news: ssssssurgery. I've gone under before, but that was for my teeth. Since I'll be bedbound for a while, I'm opting to do it after graduation from college. I'm asked whether I want to go to grad school or go into working after this semester, but believe me, it's really hard to see a day into the future when you feel like I do! I think I'll ride the wave of post-surgical good feeling straight to a gym membership or something when I'm able, haha.

I'm going to be inactive since the thesis deadline is creeping up on me blisteringly fast and I'm freaking out about it a little bit...I feel like I'm never going to get this thing finished. Can I finish writing and illustrating a book in literally a month??? One that requires research and an accompanying paper? I hope so, I have to.

As for a Raiden update, he's totally lost any lethargy. You walk up the stairs to his terrarium and he chases after you inside of it because he wants to be tong-fed crickets. His sight isn't very good, but he's having a great time being a lizard like he should. Good geck. Steals spinach. Will bite anything that resembles a spinach. Spinach. Why do you like stealing your insects' feeder food, you noodly nerd.


UPDATE not for me but for lil' Raiden: Raiden's eye blockage was removed (it was....disturbingly large) and he's on a bunch of medications now to see if he can regain his vision. His cornea is damaged, but his eye seems like it MIGHT still be viable if the little guy goes through a rigorous route to recovery. He's doped out in his terrarium, which is going to have to get another overhaul. It feels bad to have done care off of misinformation, but you wouldn't believe how pervasive bad care tips are throughout the reptile community. Raiden also got officially sexed (male and female geckos have different care in some regards, and it's hard to tell the difference) and the result was.....they have no idea. Maybe Raiden's hermaphroditic? 

Either way the recovery for the little guy is gonna be a little bumpy (read: take home shots), but the worst is over, so we can finally have very directed care and a healthy lizard. Still no news to report about myself other than my back's still killing me.


I was waiting until I had some answers to write this, but tbh, despite being on the runaround for a very long time, I still have nothing.

A little more than a year ago I decided I was going to lose some weight, so I walked around everywhere I could, but I took a tumble straight into rough concrete and had to wrap my knees in gauze to shield the public. I'd been doing a fair job up to that point, but this directly or indirectly brought on a super debilitating wave of misery that's had me in and out of doctors ever since. First it was leg pain, which was understandable, because I had to drag the leg for so long. I went to chiropractic and eventually physical therapy. By this time, my back had also gotten godawful, so physical therapy went above and beyond to try to address it. The leg got better. My back got so painful that I could barely leave the house for a few hours at a time.

I just got an MRI done and read my results. One hundred percent normal. No severe issues. No skeletal or muscular or nervous problems. I should be in flawless health, essentially. But regardless, I'm in soul-shattering pain almost as soon as I wake up, and it gets worse the longer the day goes. I constantly fidget and make frantic motions to relieve the pain that have left me ashamed to go into public.

I know I'm a little stunted, to say the least, but given that there is no reason for this to exist, I'm out of answers. I think everyone around me is either convinced I'm lying or that this isn't as bad as it is. I don't know what's worse, being told there's nothing wrong when there absolutely is, or being told that you're overexaggerating and lazy. I WAS WALKING FOR FUN BEFORE ALL THIS HAPPENED. I was doing well. Now I can't even unload my own dishwasher and I'm at the near-end of college so I'll have to be out on my own insurance with no proven inability to perform tasks and in the competitive job market (and considering that healthcare was changed again overnight, apparently, I'm worse off than I thought I was!)

All this garbage and I still have to be at a vet's tomorrow to take my lizard in for a possible surgical appointment to save his vision, since the little dude's aging, fighting medication, and freaked out while shedding and hurt himself. If that wasn't emotionally torturous enough, I've got to be in a car for hours on top of hours for the next few days to get there and back and to and fro, which is going to put me in physical pain again where I can't have medication support (it has a dizzying, weakening side effect). This won't stop. I'm just glad I don't have classes I have to leave the house for this semester, but what I do have is a supermassive graduation project.

TL;DR I'm an adult with an unexplained debilitating medical condition that's about to become independent from family healthcare (when getting healthcare is probably going to be as easy skiing through tar) and a pet I'm very attached to is probably going to be operated on tomorrow.

I wish that something was visibly wrong because AT LEAST I'D HAVE A TREATMENT PLAN, Y'KNOW. One can only suffer so much before their mind gets numbed.

EDIT: It's been asked and I have figured I might have one more option left. I'm from a family tree that has two sides of it turning out really short. On one of those family groups, there has been an operation to reduce back pain. She was elderly when this was performed, but I think we might have the same problem of being overgrown/developed for our body frame. I've always felt like my body tried to be taller but could never grow the extra few inches it needed. if this doesn't pan out I'm looking like I'm out of options :/ I felt like a titan when I crested above 4'11".



Journal Entry: Sat Dec 31, 2016, 9:27 PM
From me and all these drunken rabblerousers on top of this parking garage



Journal Entry: Sun Sep 11, 2016, 8:11 PM
tagged by Isoprene


1. You have to post all the rules.
2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves.
3. Answer 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
4. Choose 13 people.
5. You have to legitimately tag 13 people.
6. You CAN'T say you don't do tags.
7. Tag-backs are ALLOWED.
8. YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY! NO COMMENTS! Unless you're talking ABOUT the entry.
9. You have to finish within a week. If you don't finish in time, you have to do whatever the creator tells you. No, you can ignore this or do it later than that.
10. Be creative with the title. No " I got tagged" stuff.



13 things about me:
  1.  I went shopping for food today and bought almost nothing other than salads and things with peanut butter
  2. I was angry because Publix didn't have Halloween oreos
  3. I got 8 deflection kills in a match with Genji today and I honestly don't know how that happened
  4. I am sitting in front of the one and only footkoto, my cousin's Free! anime figure that we frankenstein'd into a head on a foot. He has shades and a tinfoil hat
  5. I love candles and I actually burn them. I currently have citrus sage out, but have eucalyptus, peach lavender, halloween licorice, and one that smells ok but like dirt when I put it out that I call "wood elf shit"
  6. I have incorporated halloween decorations into my home decor. Most people don't realize they're halloween decorations until they see what my room and put two and two together. I have a halloween wire tree at the entryway that's got rainbow color-changing tealights in it, a few halloween decorations on the living room shelves, and my room....don't get me started
  7. I'm allergic to car air fresheners, but only if I touch them
  8. I evolved a kabutops on PokeGo today and was very proud of myself
  9. My mom told me she had a charizard which almost made me cry but then she realized it was a charmeleon. I almost got owned by my mom
  10. MTT-Brand WiFi stopped responding today so I had to rename our apartment connection BONE ZONE
  11. I live on a couch basically because my room is behind a concrete wall and doesn't get good wifi. And putting up my cintiq anywhere else makes me incredibly anxious about the wires. The couch is my fortress.
  12. I have a really awful digestive system but the most soothing thing I can eat for it is, for some utterly unknown reason, shellfish or raw/steamed fish. I ordered that when I had a really bad episode a while ago. It actually did help my stomach where the usually inoffensive milk was killing me
  13. I collect gemstones and nice rocks...for my 21st birthday I may have been an evacuee but I bought myself a beautiful hunk of bismuth. Other stones I have in my bookshelf collection include multicolored vesuvianite, peacock ore, serpentine, angelite, green and blue goldstones, snowflake obsidian, malachite, and a mostly amethyst quartz cluster (I've had that one since I was like, 5.) I have a few on pendants, including black opal, moonstone, white opal, and sugilite.
13 questions I was tagged to answer:

What's your favorite kind of blue?
I'm partial to cyan

If you were a Pokemon, what type would you be?
As much as I want to say ghost it would probably be dark or poison...

Do you have any favorite numbers?
Ten, clearly

How much time would you say you spend thinking about your OCs per day?
at least half an hour but usually when I'm having open discussions about them or drawing them. When that happens, it's a lot more

What's your favorite physical feature on your body?
Everybody LOVES my natural hair color but I'm so disenchanted with the texture that I'm gonna have to tag that one out and go with my legs. They may be short but when they're not aching and all I think they're pretty nice

What was the first website you remember using on a regular basis?
I don't even know young me was enthralled by the internet and I spent a lot of my time on youtube looking up awful memes and amvs that if I saw again would make me want to lowkey die. Oh, and youtube poop, which I still consider a type of neo art form. They're technically remixes. Remixes are discussed in computer-centric art classes. I got to do a YTP for a class assignment recently. I didn't make the rules, someone else did. (the good ones, at least. Fine, vintage memes)

How good is your ability to remember your dreams?
I don't want to remember my dreams. I used to dream nothing at all but now they're like the most ridiculous garbage ever and I don't know what happened but I want to pass out, have the illusion that no time passed, and wake up in the morning (afternoon).

Do you watch the Food Network? If so, what are some of your favorite shows on it? 
If you have ever been in my apartment on a saturday weekend when we had the friend over there would be an endless loop of Guy Fieri shoving burgers in his face for like 10 hours straight and no one would change the channel. I'll watch anything on food network. Except the actual cooking shows and bobby flay. I don't trust that man. He's hiding something. I watch this show so often I know when Ted Allen forgot to shave in the morning before an episode of chopped.  I am probably most attached to cutthroat and the baking competitions like cake wars....halloween wars is coming back soon....excite...

Which cartoons did you like the most as a kid, if you watched cartoons at all?
I was very passionate about Zoids and I think passionately crying over giant robots was an excellent sign of what was to come in my adulthood

What's your ideal outdoor temperature?
62. Cloudy. The sun keeps its blistering butt behind the clouds. GO AWAY, SUN. I'M PRETTY SURE I'M ALLERGIC TO YOU.

Who was your favorite teacher you ever had?
The one that passionately dedicated fifteen minutes before every history class to talk about current events, which basically amounted to 'aliens are real' and 'I slept under a bush at a bus stop on my way to a concert one night in the 70s and almost got stabbed' with a gentle touch of 'I drive an old pickup but I removed the back flap part and replaced it with a wood sign telling people to care more about the environment so I'd get better mileage and make people plant a tree'

What would you do if you walked into your kitchen at 2 AM and saw some sort of ominous, monstrous, shadowy beast looking through your fridge for a snack?
STOP SPYING ON ME that's me going for the chipotle cheese bites

What's your favorite kind of sandwich? (Like, normal bread kind of sandwich, so not counting things like burgers!)
there's one that a shop sells at lunchtime that's named after a place near where I'm from and it's basically ham and dijon and some other stuff I can't remember and I get it on a sun-dried tomato bagel....I love it. Second is the salmon and cream cheese that I usually have on a blueberry bagel. My bread choice is literally always bagel...

I'm not tagging anyone on this because my house my journal my rules
But I DO have questions for those who would choose to swipe this...
  1. Favorite season?
  2. Favorite plant?
  3. Something that's really stressing you out right now?
  4. Your favorite holiday?
  5. Something you did which is funny now but you regretted really, really hard at the time?
  6. What animal does this quiz say you're most like?   (I'm a bat)
  7.  If you play games on a PC, do you use the keyboard or do you prefer to use a controller?
  8. What's your sense of home decor (or room decor, if you don't have your own space)?
  9. What's a snack you make that you don't think most people would know about or make for themselves?
  10. Favorite scent?
  11. Temperature preference for indoors and outdoors?
  12. How do you usually sleep (like, tossing/turning, balling covers, throwing pillows, with fans/plushes, etc)
  13. A fear?


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No like really where are you coming from

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 21, 2016, 9:33 AM

I woke up to this:

And I got up, brushed my teeth, sat down, and ended up with this (without counting all the comments)

I've been Redditbombed before, but never like this! What is happening....

And since it's brought up some questions about social media sharing, I've crossposted the art to twitter and tumblr, but I don't have a facebook, so honestly, if you reaaaaaally want it on a platform I don't crosspost to (excluding sites that like, sell things, obvs) then you're welcome to link to my profile/art and do as ye wilt. Obviously, someone did exactly what they were supposed to do when they share my art, which is never a bad thing :XD:

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Computer Failure, BRB

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 18, 2016, 6:22 PM

After the wireless function gave out a few months back and had me limited to a router cord, my battery has finally decided to kick the bucket DESPITE BEING OKAY and me checking it like a hundred times in the past few weeks. So....I'm not going to be able to run anything too strenuous on it for a while. My laptop is still functioning, but not really well. Leaving the battery in makes my laptop freak out, so it's outside the computer and on the charger. It already cut off on some stuff I was doodling. Good job, laptop >:/// if I repair the battery, who knows what's going to fritz up next?

I'll be getting a new laptop really soon, hopefully, which will be compatible with all my stuff. I'm working on backing it up to my ext drive now, and I wish it wasn't from these stupid circumstances, but what else can I do? Huffs. I may lose some of my pixel base stuff, so we'll see if I'm still capable of doing those commissions when I get back. I'll have to remake it otherwise, and I know that might disappoint a few people who are on a pending list. Sorry! I'll do my best to keep everything organized :c

Dang it Inspiron you were supposed to last for more than three years. My old bum FIRST LAPTOP EVER still works, and it runs on WINDOWS VISTA. Do better, Microsoft. I bet this is some kind of retaliation for not upgrading to windows 10. WELL, HERE YOU GO, you losers. Now I have to get windows 10, just on a new laptop. Meh.

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Commissions for a Cause!

Journal Entry: Sat May 28, 2016, 7:06 PM

So my partner had to go to the hospital and has been presented with a huge bill. One which is literally multiple times what I'm going to be making over the summer. So...all the commission money I make for the next few weeks is going towards helping them out.

Here are my commissions.

And here is my YCH. I'm actually going to reduce it to $20, with $15 for unshaded!

You can also commission them for some of their art too, as detailed in this post:…

Please help me help them, guys <3 I'd really appreciate it!

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Problem Solution?

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 18, 2016, 5:45 PM

My computer hasn't been able to sense a wireless connection at all for the past month. Yup, a month. I've had a hell of a time trying to do my school assignments since it's finals preparation time, and it's not going so well. However, after numerous command prompt entries, reboots, Ethernet experiments, router reboots, and repairs, I've come across an explanation!

...This Inspiron model is inherently defective.

Yup! That means that my laptop has lasted longer than it SHOULD have and has been a ticking clock this entire time. I can't access wireless networks ever again using my basic hardware! It vaguely senses it, but the DNS self-destructs. Nothing passes through. If I want to connect to a wireless network ever again, I have to use a three inch protruding netgear sensor to bypass the Inspiron's defect.

Considering all that's happened this past month (my wallet being stolen, cash spent on computer repair, needing a personal wii u to continue playing splatoon) I'll definitely be opening commissions as soon as possible. I'm working my first cash money job this summer, but it's on limited hours due to grant funding, so I could probably use a little bit of a boost. Especially if I plan on taking my senior trip to study Japanese art and architecture next summer after I graduate.

My most pressing projects are for animation and internship wrap-up, so I've literally had a hellish month. I can't wait for the ability to sleep, because I'm about three weeks without decent rest, lol.

Also, in good news, my wallet's remains turned up in a parking lot I've never been to today. It's only my cards (minus that Best Buy gift card that would have come in EXTREME help today) so I'm out of $200 cash and gift cards combined. But I've got all the cards I didn't already get replaced back in my possession, so I'm confused but a lot better off than I was. The wallet had a unique design, so if you attend my university and see someone with a paper Noh mask wallet, please do me a favor and fight them.

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Yo, My Wallet got Stolen

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 1, 2016, 3:27 PM

NOT APRIL FOOLS. NOT APRIL FOOLS AT ALL. That thing is g-o-n-e GONE. It's also convention weekend, and since I'm the only transportation for these people and happened to have my money all with me, I've got like $3 and no way to legally drive.


Edit: Yeah I canceled my cards already and I've literally torn up my entire route today, so no, it's not just lost unless it decided to literally get sucked into the void

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Journal Entry: Tue Mar 15, 2016, 8:01 PM

No, really. I'm sorry. I'm gonna keep assaulting you with references until I get some actual honest motivation and likely until the end of this school semester. Busy, busy, busy. I'd consider art trades in dire times like this but that window is abnormally small since it's gonna be animation final time starting the end of this week...

I'm not really ready, I'd say, but I might disappear for a bit after this activity flurry has run its course.  Don't be surprised.

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It's Upgrade Time.

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 6, 2016, 7:01 PM

Recently, I've had problems with my 7 year old Intuos 4. Today, I couldn't fix it. The Intuos is dead.


When we were looking at replacements, for the cost of an Intuos 4, I could get another tablet instead.

A Cintiq 13HD.


I'm sort of sad because the Int4 has been such a great tablet for me. I've absolutely loved it. With Wacom streamlining their products and dropping their Bamboo product line, they've also started making their tablets more plastic. The Int4 display is partially lit up and it's really beautiful. :c I just hope these plastic tablets, for the drop in cost to produce, will be able to last even longer than the older models.

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Something's Messed.

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 23, 2016, 12:26 PM

For some reason, my tablet had a fit about an hour ago and I can't for the LIFE of me figure out what's wrong.

It all started with a connect-disconnect meltdown. My mouse suddenly stopped having its same movement range. The tablet light refused to come on. I restarted. Mouse fixed. Tablet wrecked. Uninstalled the driver. Restarted. Installed driver again. Restarted. Tablet input service not running. Restarted. Tablet input service not running. Made it manual. Restarted. Attempted to install tablet device connection driver. Nothing. Tablet driver not found. Driver install not happening because it randomly disconnects itself. I'm about to do my...sixth? restart and I'm no closer to figuring out what the sam hill is going on.

If this keeps up, I'll have to buy something new and EXPENSIVE to draw, nonetheless continue with school. Just got to figure out if it's the computer or the tablet, and my money's on the computer. My tablet's a little creaky, but that's because it's old.

UPDATE: My computer seems to be freaking out over it, but the TABLET ITSELF doesn't want to connect to even OTHER computers. It does the same thing no matter what, so I'm going to test the cord.

Lately, my computer has had the worst time sensing the Internet and a few other things. It freaks out at the slightest provocation. I don't know what to do, I really don't. If you have any experience, please help.

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Journal Entry: Tue Jan 26, 2016, 7:36 PM

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This is Toon Boom Studio. AKA the first program that itty bitty me ever put their greasy little fingers on to make art with. It's like Flash, but without the learning curve. Want to look it up? Don't. It's been discontinued. And this version was around when I was twelve. TWELVE! I had a disc with the install on it, but I lost it, and the only copy of it we owned had been banished to ye olde desktop with a passageway closing bug which required computer life support to make usable again. I couldn't save anything on paint or open a single program without a socket or tube error. IT'S BEEN AROUND SINCE I WAS IN THE SINGLE DIGITS.

And now I have saved the world's easiest animation program from its mouseless, keyboardless depths for the sake of my animation class grade. Compatibility mode is my best friend. I'm so excited you guys. I still remember how to work it. This is nerdy nostalgia.

Don't ask me why my parents got me an animation program at age 12 so I could make art. I have no idea, but this is totally saving my life rn. Thank you, incredible foresight! You made me get into digital art and are now helping me get my degree. Bless.


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UGLY WATERMARKS? (My Art Got Stolen)

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 30, 2015, 8:21 PM

I'm going to put them on things a LOT less sparingly now that I've discovered someone took my more popular fanart and tossed it on a shirt to make money.

No excuses. Stop stealing art. I'd perhaps be flattered that I'm apparently at the monetized level of art theft (lol), but this stuff's too common nowadays. I'm angry. I've filed both a report and a threat of action against the shop owner personally, but I'm just one person in what's likely a much longer list of victim artists.… please boost this post if you can, as it's where other artists who have had their stuff stolen likely post.


Journal Entry: Tue Dec 29, 2015, 8:21 PM I'm going back to my apartment tomorrow because I have a spare. Thing's been used constantly for so many years - it jammed up, then I passed it to my mother when it stopped working and she broke the click buttons off. Too bad. Looks like I'll spend new years alone, but I can handle it. I always wanted to see how the city looks on a firework filled holiday, and home's a little too....well, completely obliterated to allow much of a festive mood, lol.

You guys wouldn't like me when I have no way to do art. I've  played 12 consecutive hours of Isaac: Rebirth and got all the achievements that made me want to tear my hear out, cry, and ascend from this mortal plane over. I have no self control. I'm so bored.

Looking forward to eating lasagna, working out in my own home, being able to cook meals, wash dishes, and get the packages that are due to me when I get back up there on top of being able to draw again. But if there's one thing I can't's the 144 pop tarts that I bought with the remainder of my meal plan that are following me everywhere I go. Seriously. They're everywhere. I'll have pop tarts until 2025.

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