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Updated design. :aww:

This is my resumé. It's not boring like resumés are supposed to be. In fact, I specifically designed this because I'm applying for a graphic design position (or 5) on campus, and wanted to stand out amidst the applications.

So would you hire me if you saw this? Entirely done in Photoshop. :giggle: All graphics made are original to me. o:

I'm not handing this in for a few days, so there is time if you have suggestions for what I should do to improve it. I'm also submitting a cover letter, which is why this is a simple and to-the-point.
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(I started writing this as a regular comment, but decided with what I wanted to say, this might be better.)

It's not uncommon to find graphic designers that 'visualize' their resumes, so it's not shocking. Obviously you've censored things for identity protection, etc. but I feel it's a bit on the empty side. The number one thing that is bugging me is how much white there is. If it's going to be printed out, that would work just fine, since you could print it on whatever color paper you wanted, but a digital copy of it wouldn't pop as much.

The graphics are simple, and make a direct point of where you want it to go, but looking at the whole picture gives me the feeling that it all belongs on a business card; (I'm about to get off topic; one of those situations where my mind is running way too fast for my hands, so skip to the next paragraph to finish the critique.) which wouldn't be a bad idea, if you wanted to design one. I'd say keep the dimensions no bigger than a credit card, because I never keep business cards that don't fit in my wallet like a credit card. The business card would be like your cover letter, giving a quick brief of who you are and what you are and what you want with a web address. With all the experience that you have, I think a web site resume would be the best thing for you. There's plenty of free web host sites, so costs wouldn't be a problem as far as that's concerned.

Getting back on topic...What you're trying to accomplish is clear. While something like this has been done plenty of times before, you've made it yours. To answer the question in the description, It's a resume that would probably make it past the initial glance over while going through 100's of 1000's possible applications, it might not make it all the way if others have made resumes in the same fashion.