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★ I accept: ★


-Concept art

-Custom OCss

-Ecchi/mild hentai

☆ I do not..: ☆

-Basically what you don't see from my gallery 
* When you send me a note,
please do specify what character/scene you'd want WITH description and references, and please DO mention which option below you'd like.*
Please know that there is extra fee+$50 for character design (no design reference but only description)

★ A TYPE: Portrait $180


 :: Mononoke Hime :: by Sangrde


B TYPE: Portrait with simple background $300

extra character+ 20%

:: Erzbet :: by Sangrde
 ::  Euterpe :: by Sangrde :: D.va (paint over) :: by Sangrde:: That Butler :: by Sangrde

Bust shot portrait with simple background and rendered style

D TYPE: Full body concept art without background 


:: Red Hood Design :: by Sangrde:: Alpaca Warlock Adoptable: [Closed] by Sangrde

Sangre verde ww

Sangre verde priestessrender
Sangre verde plague small

 Full body concept art (render style)

Sangre verde gret

Sangre verde gretchen concept sheet

Character Sheet

 E TYPE: Illustration with detailed background $450

extra character+

High quality illustrations with detailed background/character of your choice

Can be full body/ up to thigh, whatever pose and background, etc.

Sangre verde zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
:: Your Name :: by Sangrde
:: Ice Dragon :: by Sangrde
:: Stay Still! :: by Sangrde

:: Marygill the Sea Lady :: by Sangrde:: Rise of Phoenix :: by Sangrde

 :: Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi :: by Sangrde

Wallpaper $550

extra character+ 20%

High resolution artworks (more than 3000 pixel) in landscape format therefore,

may be more time-consuming than regular artworks because of the background

:: Snow Fox Ahri Skin :: by Sangrde
:: Train to the Past :: by Sangrde

:: Life and Death :: by Sangrde


  Last Duel by Sangrde


★ -Plz NOTE for question / request with which style you'd like (I have more than one style ; u ;! ) . Thx.
Finished List

Done - List
:iconfrocto: AI - Black and White pencil illustrations for RPG Game Book 
:iconlishie-rific: Character full body
:iconmoneyopen: League of Legends Wallpaper
:iconnathandarr-malek: Video Game character concept design
:iconswiftthief: Original Character Bust Shot
:iconauffallend: Original Character Bust Shot
:iconaureamachina: Original Character Bust Shot
:iconmiasmahex-vicious: Traditional Character Full Body
:iconyourartisgreat: Black and White Manga Pages [ Red Tea ] 
:iconfrocto: Angel monster concept art Black and White pencil illustrations for RPG Game Book
:iconlushuk: Outfit design for Pin-up Doll Game
:iconfrocto: Space Pirates Black and White pencil illustrations for RPG Game Book
:icondiscet: Card Back Illustration
:iconrobbierourke: Fitness Logo Design
:iconfrocto: (6) horns - Black and White pencil illustrations for RPG Game Book
:iconxtantrumx: Tatto Design
:iconchaoswinter: Character- pencil shade
:iconisabad:Back Tatoo Design Commission
:iconconscar: Logo design
:iconnibblekitten: OC Wallpaper + tutorial
Stickerthecat(forgot his deviant name) MMORPG game concept art
Patrick Cao(forgot his deviant name) Game character concept - Pencil shade
:iconmezzo-forte: Full body OC (November Fullbody discount offer)
:icondingo-sniper: sonic character done
:iconvilereaver41: OC fullbody + BG $40 paid sketch done, Full paid
:iconkultcher: Game concept art Bloodthane / full paid / MALE
:iconnibblekitten: Semi-realism OC portrait + Tutorial
:iconmezzo-forte: Mako concept design
:iconseraphall: 2 Custom wallpapers $200
:iconponcakes: Guild war OC
:iconsoullessindustries: main female character
:icontheoneawaited: 2 Concept sketches 'Shiri'
:iconkultcher: Game concept art Bloodthane / female
:iconkultcher: Soulweaver game concept design - 
:iconhawkthunder: Alice PINUP poster 
:iconmezzo-forte: Another picture of Aurelia !
:iconsoullessindustries: Victoria concept 
:iconbloodravan: Couple bust shots
:iconkultcher: Soulweaver Female
:icontheoneawaited: Shiri concept 
:iconsoullessindustries: Catherine concept art + background
:iconelementgames: Game Pixel Icons Set [Pixel]
:iconsoullessindustries: Mira Concept art [Animal]
:icontheoneawaited: Ray concept [Semi-anime]
:iconkulture: Traceless FEMALE concept [Semi-anime]
:iconsoullessindustries: YUKI concept + pair of Axes design [Semi-realism]
:iconenorion: OC bust shot semi-realism styled avatar
:iconevaxephon: Character concept Sketches
:iconkalsagnia: OC head shot anime
:iconkultcher: Game concept art -- Techsage [Semi-anime]
:iconocdreaming:Frost Wizard [Comic]
:iconozz-the-wanderer: Contest Prize sonice character [Sonic]
:iconkultcher: Game concept art Kindleborne - coloring part [Semi-anime]
:iconganning59: Sketch on progress, 2 game characters FULL BODY
:iconscratchag: 2 OC bust shot / no bg [unpaid]
:iconocdreaming:Guardian female and male [Comic]
:iconquintoist: book cover half paid $140 [Semi-realism]
:金恵景: Japan TCG illustrations [ANIMU]
:iconocdreaming:Pathfinder female and male [Comic]
:iconnirelleth: 2 bust shots [Realism]
:iconartcrumbss: pencil shaded OC [Animal]
:iconocdreaming: Mystics FEMALE & MALE [Comic]
:iconjesseneon:Aero Card illustration [Semi-realism]
:iconmassivemaster: OC Head shot [Semi-realism]
:iconlee81e: Aegis Order Female concept [Semi-realism]
:iconjesseneon: Harpy the skyknight card [Semi-realism]
:iconstrxbe: black and white pencil concept full body [Semi-anime]
:iconvaz612: OC couple wallpaper [Semi-anime]
:iconhaseoblack: OC Full body Haseo [Semi-anime]
:iconaqua-spirit22: OC Full body Kaito [Semi-anime]
:iconaqua-spirit22: OC Full body Seika [Semi-anime]
:iconlordhadrian: Star Wars fan art [anime cell shade] $340 ★★★★★ Paid
:iconkulture: Kindleborne Female concept Art [Semi-anime]
:iconjesseneon: Mellia the Seaspirit card ★★★★★
:iconfelixthegrim: Sketch Done ★★☆☆ $100
:iconkulture: Traceless Male concept Art [Semi-anime]:iconkulture: SoulWeaver Male concept Art [Semi-anime] 
:iconkulture: Graveyard monster concept Art [Semi-anime] 
:iconjesseneon: Cat Elf Card [Semi-realism] 
:iconmjknight1: G.I.JOE. Tank sketch [Semi-anime]
 :iconmjknight1: G.I.JOE. Scarlett sketch [Semi-anime]
:iconAmazonT: card set 6 illustrations
:iconjesseneon: Vampire Elf card 
:iconcatles: cat NPC
:iconrinojr: Lust wallpaper:iconrinojr: Wrath wallpaper
:iconrinojr:  Sloth wallpaper
:iconmagicpotion: Head shot 1 / paid
:iconcaptainheadbang: Christmas portrait / paid
:iconrinojr: Greed Wallpaper - sketch done /
Ryan Ollila / 2 paintings
Doru Apreotesei / 4 expressions - 3 done
 :iconmagicpotion: Head shot 2
:iconrinojr: Glutonny illustration
:iconrinojr: Envy illustration -
:iconanubiswolfe: Viol:Full body + bg
iconWritingRin: Shinrai Headshot
:iconanubiswolfe: Siselya headshot
:icondynasty-dawn: Twillight Headshot
:iconarcades666: Book cover 
:iconkeyoshistorm: Solfee Full body
 :icongobelinchantant: -> Falmise Headshot -> Full Paid

 :iconmiseryandazaelyn: 3/4 body character+background -> Pending 
:iconariade: Half body [Paid] -> sketch done -> Pending
:iconneirahahrai: head shot commission -> full paid 
:iconconquie: Aria Heart Fullbody -> Full Paid
 :iconjamal2504: Twilight Sparkle + Peter Parker Half Body -> Full Paid 
 :icontheimaginationnexus: Alvarin Halfbody [paid]
FairyTaleGames - cards (paid)
 :iconsoryian: Aegir and Aurora - full body [Paid]
:iconsoryian: Wallpaper

:iconartcrumbss: Aros portrait
:iconaaawhyme: Nala portrait
:iconizzymarrie: 2 oc portraits
:icontheimaginationnexus: Lucius bust shot ★★★★☆
iconPrinceLink:Tamiko Fullbody+BG
:iconzashay: Yuki Portrait
 :iconfriken27: Seira J. Loyard Portrait - color done
 :iconlilianthus: fullbody +BG - sketch done

 :iconhoundofthenight: Kohalu full body + BG  + coloring

:icontlovetech: Luce full body+ bg

 YeagerD OC bust shot

 :icontashaashbell: Cassis fullbody+bg

:iconfriken27: Sera Kang Fullbody

  :iconprincelink: Lily full body+ bg

:iconjeddaven: Drazenka full body+bg

:iconreitheia: Eos Bust shot +bg

KerenskyLI OC fullbody






Strazz Music 

:icongka-art: (G K) arthur

Iris Fishman(Kistuneonwheels) (3/4 paid, coloring in progress)
 :iconb-dookie: (B z)3/4 body elf

:iconeeveelyne: (C C) Ouroboros bust shot  

  peterwenby at hotmail.com  

Jerry Chan fullbody+bg  
 :icongrieved: FF OC Fullbody 

gkaisaer108: Inori Portrait

gkaisaer108 : Enma Portrait  [Paid]

kwahn: Black Queen [Paid]

David Wu - Snowfox Ahri fullbody Skin wallpaper - Paid




© 2011 - 2021 Sangrde
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Faesu's avatar
Ahh the legend themself is accepting commissions againn( ・`▽・´) //I'm excited to see what you make soon//

sorry for crowding your comment box(;'∀')
Sangrde's avatar
KEK thx ~( ・;ㅅ・♥) 
ShiningSiria's avatar

Does the $550 illustration include 2 characters? Or is that price only for 1?
Sangrde's avatar
I made some changes in my last pricing  so it's now $400 for one character, $450 for 2. Hope it helps! 
ShiningSiria's avatar
Ah thank you! Do you accept payments in installments? I know it needs to be paid before the commission starts, but since your prices are a bit heavier than the average on DA I need to save XD
Sangrde's avatar
Oh I actually no longer take upfront payment since I started working at a studio ;w; I will have to fix it. 

So it should be now half upon start / half upon completion, something like that.
AndreaGodoy's avatar
OMG!! So unreachable prices for me :(
killzoomer's avatar
you're SO good! ♥
Farisato's avatar
Wow I wish I could do commission worth the price Meow :3 Meow :3 
Mkat-egories's avatar
Hi sangdre! I was wondering how soon you think you might be willing to open slots? It'd be an absolute honour to get a piece by you of a character of mine, and it'd be amazing if you could let me know when they are available with a note~
Sangrde's avatar
doodlingArtist's avatar
meimeimnrp's avatar
Oh boy, these pieces are amah-zing. Your prices are very fair for what you offer, especially for the work with backgrounds. I hope to commission you one day. ;v;
Sangrde's avatar
Well, demand always creates supply. I can agree with the picky part but cannot agree with overprice.

1. I always more demands from people than I am able to draw, which is why I closed the commissions right now.

 So I believe I can raise the price more. If there's no one commissioning me, I would charge less. Capitalism is simple as that.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I reject a $1000 commission because I don't draw furry and I usually charge twice more of this pricing for commercial commissions... So I'm not a starving artist who would draw anything at any price for living ;v;
TheLastHetaira's avatar
Holy carp your stuff is gorgeous...and yet I'm just as intrigued by your knowledge of Korean. 

...seriously, I have too many ideas for you. 
Sangrde's avatar
Thanks <3 , I am originally a South Korea and born/living there for 13 years so yea ;v; ~ now I live in the US tho haha i'm planning to go back after graduation. 
TheLastHetaira's avatar
So, wait, did Twitter messenger work? 
sinadee's avatar
Dangit! I can't do this... *stares at the rules intensly*
Marushi-Dracul's avatar
-stares intently- 
3/4 Body $250, so tempting .w.

Just so unsure... ; 3 ;
What would I want to get done?
Skyebot's avatar
Absolutely love your style. ;A; <3 It's awesome. One day I hope to commission you. 
Keep being incredible. 
animalover4six's avatar
One day when I have more money, I wanna commission you!!!:D
Abetwabe's avatar
.............................. :faint:
Vespertinecat's avatar
Oh, these are beautiful... I hope to one day catch these open. Amazing work, my friend. =)
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