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Wow. This is very beautiful!!! Definitely goes to my favorites. :flirty:

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Damn this is so good. Just insane work. But the girls hand and arm does honestly look a little off. Idk why it just doesn't feel like the right distance to me. It probably would have worked better if her arm was bent or something? Or maybe if she was a little farther away and showed more of her arm. Then this pose would look a little better. But this drawing still looks good nonetheless. 
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Awwww, bellísimo
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this draw is my favourite draw I have in my favourites Miku Hatsune LA [ Icon ] Hatsune Miku 
no joke  Hatsune Miku-11 (Don't Mess With Me)
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I have no words to describe just how beautiful this is
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so much emotion in this piece i love how it tells a story.
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what's happening in this picture? Really stunningly beautiful painting
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That color, beautiful!
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This is so beautiful but what really grabs me so much is your really intricate lighting and painting around her face, mouth and eyes, set into such a wonderful piece... stunning.  The angles and perspective are also brilliantly painted. :heart:
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That looks amazing.
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I love Nora!! I love this pic, it's soooo gorgeous11 ^^
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Totaly stunning!!!I don't know the character but you can be sure I want to see the anime so badly right now!!!I love how detailed her eyes and how expressive they look!!!
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almost felt sorry for her
i swear, if she wasn't such a douche to yukine

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