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:: How to Draw -Juicy- semi-realistic Lips ::

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Sorry for my absence, been super busy x_x

I remember that someone on dA asked me for tutorial for lips .. saying lips are his/her least favorite part to draw. ㅡOh noes, lips are my favorites! If you are struggling, this tut will help you with drawing juicy * delicious - lips very easilyㅡ even you are a noob painter!

Note 1:Lip shapes are not always same, I just tend to use 2:1 ratio often on my drawings since I'm pursuing for exaggerated, ideal style. 

Note 2: Highlights are very important - especially on lips where the highlights are clearly visible. But, if you're going for more  realistic look, it's not always super bright. In anime style, you don't see exaggerated but simple form of highlights. Look up a lot of references and find out which style fits your drawing the most.

Note 3. On this tut, I used the basic brushes on photoshop - hard and soft round brushes.
Other artists tend to use hard round brushes often, but I use soft round brushes more often because I'm going for 'tinted' look of lips.

If anything is not so crystal clear, let me know.
Also, if you want other tutorials from me, comment below too.

My tutorials and resources are FREE, feel free to share with others but no re-upload for commercial purposes please.

Thanks, hope you enjoy. 

:: Semi-realistic Eye Tutorial :: by Sangrde
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When you still can’t draw-

Sedurin's avatar
Thank you so much! ^^ ♥
Imdraproc's avatar
Thanks for your willingness to help with scale, detail, and juicyness! 
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This is good to know for the future
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Nice!! I think I need this!! La la la la 
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I want to kiss these lipsXD
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amazing tutorial :huggle: thank you!!
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Amazing <33 ill surely try out this technique next time <3 Thanks for showing us the tutorial! :)
(If you're going to do another tutorial, i was hoping if you could show us how to color clothes, because for me its really difficult to color because of the shading and the wrinkles :) )
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I'll try to do someday but I can't be sure my way is completely right and I don't wanna spread wrong information, so I will need to practice more until I'll make a tutorial about it, coloring cloths is still a difficult part for me lol.

A few tips I could suggest you is try to use the shade and cloth layer in two separate layers.
And use lasso tool frequently -- most helpful tool especially for cloths and folds.
Also observe a photograph where sharp shades and dull-edged shades are on folds. Sometimes you will need to blend or smudge the folds/shades with the cloth, sometimes you will need to leave it as sharp as it is. 
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Oh I seee
Thank youuuu :>
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Surely i'll use this, thank you SOOO much! 
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Thank you, very useful!
Very pretty!:D
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Mmm... juicy! :D I love this toot, short and to the point, but lots of good details in the images. I'll have to use this one soon!
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you;re icon pic is still the best oh and nice tutorial 
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Thanks for the tutorial :D
D-F-Marsh's avatar
Thanks for making this, it was easy to follow and I never thought of going under the sketch and then on top.  New at digital drawing and still finding my way with the layers, lol.  You said that lips and noses are your favorites does that mean you will be doing a nose tutorial as well?  I hope so!!!  Love your art style and just the depth in the scenes.
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such pretty lips!!! <3 thank you for the tutorial!! XD
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It looks like the kind of way you do your lipstick for lolita and cute type looks. Where the color is dark but then fades out.
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