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:: Easy 3D Effects Tutorial on Photoshop ::

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I came up with this tutorial because I've been dying for a half year to know how to make 3D effects on Photoshop. And when I searched DeviantArt page, it would not have any easy tutorial that actully explains how to do it. I got stuck and lost in the middle, so none of them worked for me, I even tried to download 3D effect action, and it won't work either. I looked up on google but those didn't make sense too. (maybe i'm too dumbbb :dummy: )

I recently figured this out finally, and I'd love to share this fantastic tips to others so I tried to put it in a short and easiest way.
I believe I made it detailed enought to try and success at once, but if you have any question, just let me know and I'll try my best to explain further.

P.S. Yay i got a new lap top, and I made a new wall paper custumized for me ,haha

P.S.S. Although it's not required, I would appriciate faves/credits so more people can see this! C:

EDIT 1: I edited the font and the other stuffs :heart: hope it looks better now xD;;

Edit 2: finished picture is here  ~ :: Taoist:: by Sangrde

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Wow. You actually impressed me.
I love the drawing you made for this tutorial. You could´ve used another font for the instructions, as a bit more pretty tutorial.
I like the way you express yourself while writing, the fact that you are so... (how can I say it...) Oh, yes: not really serious. You are cute while self-explaining when you use words.
I am really amazed by this tutorial. Everyone is probably learning with this thingy, but, please, remember presentation. The title style and font is just awful, as well as the rest of the tutorial font. Just sayin´.
Everything else is lovely! Keep it up!
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thanks:heart: I'm glad if it helped you outtt :icontouchedplz: I just kept everthing simple so that may sound bit cheesy idk xD I don't like to read anything more than 5 lines so I assumed others wouldn't wanna read wall of texts too idk

oh- well,, , for the font I just switched to a new lap top and didn't bring all the fonts from the old computer ;w;; ehh butt i'll be fixing the fonts, I promise! c:

Hello, thank you for posting this. Well done.
All the best,
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I'm fucked up with the last.
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Thanks! Simple and easy ^^
Fandom-Person's avatar there a way you could do it on Paint Tool SAI?
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I've been looking everywhere for how to do that ovo
thank you so much for making this!!
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Thank you <3 I'm new to photoshop and this helps alot!
SiamesePawlerNeko's avatar
Really welldone !! this is really helpfull
CeruleanStylus's avatar
Is there a way to do this on Elements 8.0?
I can't find a 'channels' button on there
atroposdios's avatar
thank you so  much!
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Man I've been searching for this o A o
The only downfall is I don't have Photoshop TT A TT;;

Is there a way maybe to recreate it on Gimp?
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Ohhhh too bad ;v;  you may do it in this way ( i never tried because i've never had Gimp),

but I recommend getting photoshop because it allows you to do other good effects c: 
Le-Vane's avatar
-nodnod- Oh don't worry, once I get a job, I'm set on Photoshop and a new tablet XD
I've tried recreating it, and it does do it... Just not nearly as smoothly TT u TT;
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omggg thank you so much, I've been looking for this effect everywhereeeee!! :)
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Thank you very much!!!
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Theres another way. Make a copy of the first layer. then double click the copied layer and uncheck the red channel. Press OK and move the layer a little bit with ctrl+arrow keys.
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I don't know if it's just my eyes but I don't actually see any 3D effect, it just give me a headache to look closer... :/ I don't mean to be rude btw.
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This allows you to have chromatic aberration on your picture, when you want to add some special effect to add depth/out-focus.

Similar technique is shown on 3D film - which you must have 3d glasses to see - not with bare eyes. Hope it makes sense c: 
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