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Girl and Her Pen



****------>lame title, yet again<------****

finally finished. thought up the idea during a club meeting at one of the libraries here in town. dont remember which.*coughbadmemorycough* took awhile to decide on a backround. tried to make the shading a bit more softer. if that makes any sense. the pen looks really weird to me. probably doesnt even look like one, ^_^;;. but, i thought the idea of it sounded interesting. so i drew it that way.

and whats this? i actually put in the whites of her eyes AND eyebrows? thats a first. and they didnt turn out half bad. better than i woulda thought.

most likely wouldnt of been finished today. if not for me procrastinating against doing my homework, and finished this instead. pry shouldnt of done that. but, o well. needed a break.

Time: 3-4 hours over a few days
Drawn, Inked, and Colored in Photoshop CS2
Art (c) me
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Looks really cute^^