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Alex's Wonderland: Chapter 5: The Truth Revealed by SangoMirokuShipper, literature

Alex's Wonderland: Chapter 4: The Way Out by SangoMirokuShipper, literature

Alex's Wonderland: Chapter 3: A Dangerous Promise by SangoMirokuShipper, literature

Alex's Wonderland: Easter Bonus Chapter by SangoMirokuShipper, literature

Alex's Wonderland by SangoMirokuShipper, literature

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Alex's Wonderland: Chapter 5: The Truth Revealed by SangoMirokuShipper, literature

Alex's Wonderland: Chapter 4: The Way Out by SangoMirokuShipper, literature

Alex's Wonderland: Chapter 3: A Dangerous Promise by SangoMirokuShipper, literature

Alex's Wonderland: Easter Bonus Chapter by SangoMirokuShipper, literature


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Earl Ciel Phantomhive by SangoMirokuShipper, visual art

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Name: Akari
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Hey, I'm Akari. I talk to my OC's a lot but don't let that bother you. Tsuru, not now. I'm typing. Like I said, don't let it bother you. Anyways, I prefer writing to drawing but I also prefer music to silence. So I like music, writing, drawing, dA, and anime. Yup that's about it. I know my real name will change almost daily but don't worry. I'm usually just naming what ever OC I'm currently RPing as. Just to let ya'll know, I have 38 OC's and making more. So yeah. I hold contests occasionally, but if you don't donate points then I won't be able to give them as prizes or do giveaways. That's all for now. Check out my gallery and journals for more info! Note: Kiriban at 2500 page views.


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ǝɹɐ noʎ ɟI

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InuYasha Movie 2: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass
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Black Butler, InuYasha, Criminal Minds, Soul Eater
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Evanescence, Green Day, Simple Plan, Hey Monday and all Japanese Music
Favourite Books
Eragon, Inkheart, Eon/Eona duology
Favourite Writers
J.K Rowling, Alison Goodman
Favourite Games
Elsword, Go, Slender the eight pages, and X-note
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo Gamecube (I'm old fashioned)
Tools of the Trade
(Mechanical) Pencil, Eraser and GIMP 2.8
Other Interests
How To Train Your Dragon, Japanese Culture,Soul Eater, Anime and Fanfictions/Lemons
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My life has still not settled down right now. I went through a slight depression, but I'm getting therapy. Thanks all of you who are being patient on Alex's Wonderland. If you want to read another story of mine then feel free to check out the link here: ====> If you like Eren x Levi check it out. So far it's pretty popular. If any of you want an invite to AO3 then let me know. I'll send you one. I will need an email to send it to though, so send a note. Oh and Draco (theghostdragon93 ( Please don't kill me for being away. I've been working on an entry for NaNoWriMo (National
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OKAY. LET ME EXPLAIN A THING TO YOU. I was on the other side of the country without wifi. My phone broke, laptop crashed and basement flooded. That is why I was away. Do not kill me please. AND OMF I HAD MY FIRST KISS. That is all. goodbye for a couple hours while I check tumblr
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I've run out of good songs to listen to. If you can suggest any then please send me the links for the LYRICS please!
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Happy b-day!!! Party:iconcake-plz:
Happy b-day!!! :party::iconcake-plz:
Hi! It's been ages and I'm not sure if you ever check up on here any more but happy birthday! You were one of the first people I ever talked to on here and I really appreciated your company a lot! ;u;
Happy b-day!!! :party::iconcake-plz: have a great day with family and friends
Happy b-day!!! :party::iconcake-plz:
Oh my god, thank you. I recently got a new account (this one) and have been trying to reconnect with some of my old friends on here. I... thank you so much for the annual birthday wishes like wow i feel blessed
Always a pleasure celebrating this very special day :iconhugglesplz: