Hidden Talent Vol. 2 - Vector/Vexel

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By Sangiev
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Hello everybody and welcome to my 2nd Article, its a fine day outside and this great selection of unseen (some popular) of vector and vexel. These people have mastered their most precious tool - THE PEN TOOL :P
Using this tool and their hand, they produce some absolutely amazing pieces of vector and vexel. As you also may know, these takes patience and accuracy, so to give them a little boost, I will show some really nice vector, which I found throughout DeviantArt. :) So enjoy, and get the grace and flow inspire you :heart:

The Work

C-West Skyline - Vexel by dangeruss Communion by CrisVector Free by CrisVector it's love coffee latte theme by thevilution Gissele by machine56 Aaaaaaayu: Final by yajido Female Stock Vectorize by thevilution for my beloved father. by machine56 Meagan Good by i-Of-The-Storm Civic SS - Vector by dangeruss Custom Lancer - Vector by dangeruss Flower Garden by Applemoment:thumb69445479::thumb54370048: Yunnie by Applemoment:thumb72894417::thumb85188247::thumb76760476::thumb67977709::thumb43317079::thumb69938059::thumb82460949::thumb85353315::thumb27951237::thumb77073381::thumb60366676::thumb53624180::thumb52716589: Buffy: She's like Madonna by happyline Obsession by ChewedKandi:thumb50080669: The Collaborators by ChewedKandi The Gentle Giant by ChewedKandi:thumb56358782: The Summer's Out Of Reach by Sewwy Elegance. by carrieme Honda NAS - Vector by dangeruss Josie Maran in vector by spearance Vector Kid by Lawnz Method Man by Spekta- Look Away.... by finalknightxx Red kimono by Zeroevil J Dilla Vector by fat-jedgfx:thumb35585655: No5 by mari-angel Dance Like Nobody Is Watching by mari-angel H O U S E by shebid Somehow by shebid MIMI by x0x0ashley Summer close up by AstridT Angelina Jolie and Baby Shiloh by toxicdesire Sparkle of Truth by fabulosity Forgive Me by ImNotDead jennifer by ruthlesschiq Hot4Hyori by friki-dayz Angelina by jussta Suicidal note by jussta That style by starbeams Vector Art - Buddhist Temple by rames Allysa Milano by elminavilo

So there you have it :)
A selection of some really talented artist, I would like you to visit their page and :+fav: some of their work. Because :+fav: is our way to show someone support, and that's what we all want Support :)
So there, it was great collecting them, putting them in an Article and delivering to you,
I shall see you in my next "Hidden Talent Vol. 3 - ...." :)
Have a lovely day :heart:
© 2008 - 2021 Sangiev
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I want to get featured. :D
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it's nice work
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Great selection! :)
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What a great selection, thanks so much for adding me :hug:
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omg tnx so much :hug:
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My Pleasure :heart:
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Thank you for the feature! <3
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my pleasure :heart: your work is awesome !
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Thanks a lot for adding to this gallery!!!

Is very cool to know others artists too!

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thanks for visiting and commenting, your work is awesome :)
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thank you veeeery much for adding my "buffy" to this lovely gallery. the most flattering thing for me is to be named as "hidden talent" with one of my favourite works :smooch: :heart:
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Its the name of the series :) But I try to look out for people who are not really popular ... And even tho you are popular,your work is outstanding :)
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Thank you :)
That's the second feature my vexel has had :)
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My pleasure :)
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Thank you for featuring a piece of mine!
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:) You have some great vectors.
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waww man! thanks for featuring me in.. i really appreciate that! thank you man! :D
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No problem dude :)
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