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How I tend to Paint

Ok well here you go. People have been asking me for something or other. Honestly though I don't know how to explain my progress and a lot of the time I'm changing everytime I do start something new...

Featured here is Fennel, ~bunnily's OC -

If there's anything in particular you want to know you'll just have to ask me specifically about it heh;;


edit: People have asked about the overlay step. Overlay brightens and darkens the colours as well as make the piece knit together more fluently??? its hard to explain. it sorta gives an overall atmosphere to the piece to make it look like everything belongs together =~=;; //shotdown

for sketching and lining i like to use the first marker tool presented in step 7!

i wish i could have gone to anime north or a con this year weh
i want to cosplay snk =^=

edit: rebloggable on tumblrrr [link]
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Which brush do you use for what? Sth's for blending, sth is for shading?

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Sangcoon.... I want to see you draw live in action haha ;-;)/
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This is so helpful!!! Thank you so much!!!
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Hi! I love your art and this tutorial! May I ask tho, about using the Magic Wand Tool before coloring the art... When I color, I use Magic Wand Tool for a specific part, for example, the hair, and use base color that is a different color from the other parts of the body (like, the hair has a different base color than the skin, the clothes etc.). I just wonder how you were able to color the other different parts of the body with just one base color for the whole art...

Won't it mess up the other colors? Because if I select all the lineart and color them a base color, and check the Opacity Lock part, then I make a new Layer on top of it and Clip Mask it, sure the color on the Layer won't escape where you painted the base color but then, I can't color the other parts since it mixes up all the colors within the base color >.> I dunno if you can understand me, I suck at explaining things u.u but I just feel like I'm not using the Magic Wand Tool correctly....
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i actually like it when the colours mix and overstep the lines creating the bleeding effect. it makes it easier for me to blend and make sure that the overall feel of the pieces is connected? you can see the examples that i highlighted in the tutorial where the colour bleeds over. its like an exaggerated way of showing light bounces like this :…

theres no trick to colouring different sections of the character if your lineart is as messy as mince tbh LOL if you want to be neater you just gotta zoom in with a smaller brush but wheres the fun in that. 

overall my style is summed up as.... lazy OTL
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Ohhh I see! Thanks for sharing that image and for replying! It is indeed much cooler and more fun with that effect!
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i love it! :D ty!
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I don't have Sai (I have Photoshop), but this was really useful. Thanks a lot! :D
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This is great! Honestly, you say we probably would learn nothing from this tutorial but its not true! Even if it was awful (which it is not) it's always enlightening to see how different artists do things differently. I loved you tutorial (definitely gonna try some new things from what I learnt next time I draw:3) thanks for this!!
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Glad you choose to only talk about paint tool sai because some ppl add in Photoshop in their tutorials and I get super confused @~~~@ 
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Yes I did learn something! Im a one year old digital artist and I understand the layers stuff, coloring not so much started reading a lot of tutorials,
your first one to tell me what colors I should avoid also not be scared of using color in different selections for shading .
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How did you get your shading so nice? whenever I do shading it ends up kinda gross. how did you get it to blend so well?
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hmm idk? @_@ patience and practice maybe OTL
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yeah, when you blend, do you use a hard round brush? 
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you mean in photoshop? i didnt use photoshop in this tutorial so that might be the reason why! im not very good when it comes to photoshop blending either OTL
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For fuck sake she's asking what brush you used!
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wow dont need to be so rude :/ i gave PICTURES of the brushes in the tutorial itself and shes asking if im using a hard round brush which is from photoshop.
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What canvas size did you use for this?
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uhh i dont really remember but i think 1000 x 1000px?
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Thank you so much!!<3
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