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Ok well here you go. People have been asking me for something or other. Honestly though I don't know how to explain my progress and a lot of the time I'm changing everytime I do start something new...

Featured here is Fennel, ~bunnily's OC -

If there's anything in particular you want to know you'll just have to ask me specifically about it heh;;


edit: People have asked about the overlay step. Overlay brightens and darkens the colours as well as make the piece knit together more fluently??? its hard to explain. it sorta gives an overall atmosphere to the piece to make it look like everything belongs together =~=;; //shotdown

for sketching and lining i like to use the first marker tool presented in step 7!

i wish i could have gone to anime north or a con this year weh
i want to cosplay snk =^=

edit: rebloggable on tumblrrr [link]
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Which brush do you use for what? Sth's for blending, sth is for shading?