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For My Father
To my father
Who held me as an infant
And pushed me as an adult
Who taught me how to walk
Who bought me my first bicycle
And my first helmet
Who let me run on gravel walks
Who bandaged scrapped knees
Scolded me when I did wrong
Praised me when I've done right
Suffered through my embarrassments
My many embarrassments
Gave me a love of poetry
Taught me a love of food
Taught me a love of music
Pushed me in my school
Even harder when I failed
Who could have been a millionaire
If it wasn't for me
Who could have been famous
If he wasn't caring for me
Who guided me into who I am
And to who I might be
What would you think of me if I were a stranger?
:iconsanfter-liebhaber:Sanfter-Liebhaber 1 0
The bar is darker than the pit where I left my comrades to their coughs
The students here are warmer though; tightly wrapped up in themselves
My date is waiting at the bar; this pretty bottle blonde
We sit quiet in slurred discourse and watch the night unfold
Drunken specters of closeted collegiates who subtly fight their pride
The night is yet young, though; they could still prove themselves
The academics argue with the alcoholics, the alcoholics argue into their drinks
Their drinks concede, and consent to being drunk
The boy on the stand stumbles over strings and yodels out the greats
But there's flashes of brilliance and derivatives of paradise
A crack of thunder as an 8-ball sinks, money changing hands changes still
Another round for the crew is a new handicap for the sharks
I flirt with a new mix after my blonde leaves early
A cold wind blows through the windows with a surplus of solstice
Her fiery kisses stay with me long after she leaves, too
My minimum-wage therapist promises t
:iconsanfter-liebhaber:Sanfter-Liebhaber 0 0
A Lack Of Action
Her green eyes and auburn locks
The shape of her mouth and the way she talks
Every word she says to me
Is pure poetry
She's got a lover,
A boy of her own
And my shyness consents
To leave her alone
Her beauty would falter
If she left it with me
If she knew what I know
And saw what I see
She'd find vanity in my words
And pride in my praise
My love would ruin her
Like time wilts flowers in a vase
Wanting but never having
I'll stew in my loneliness
What a hero I must be
To save her with my cowardice
:iconsanfter-liebhaber:Sanfter-Liebhaber 0 0
Rant: Maybe It's Nicer To Be Nice
So I want to study four things: sociology, philosophy, biology and theology.  Why?  Because I've finally figured out how to phrase... some sort of question:
From a purely biological viewpoint, a predator is right to defend its most recent kill, claiming the food for itself and its young.  However, this is seen in todays society as a faux pas, refusing someone because of apparent selfishness or greed.  The greed and selfishness bits we would attribute to a antagonist theological figure, or as a part of ourselves that should be controlled or expunged.
At the opposite end of the spectrum, there's the man who shares everything he's got.  Societally philanthropic.  This leaves him with less: less food, less money, less time...  everything that from a biological standpoint would leave the hypothetical "him" at the mercy of the wilds, at more of a risk of being picked off by any other predator.
The thing that I find fascina
:iconsanfter-liebhaber:Sanfter-Liebhaber 1 0
Fuzzy Blue Milkshake
We corrupt ourselves with knowledge
Destroying society's fabled "innocence"
And we use that knowledge to transform ourselves
Into liars and thieves and cynics
And use it to foster those
Who are so innocently ignorant
That they promote the corrupt to rule
:iconsanfter-liebhaber:Sanfter-Liebhaber 0 0
What I Make Of Myself
I used to think of myself as a dog;
Loyal, smart and quick
When happy, total exuberance.
When sad, crestfallen.
Though right now I think of myself as a lit cigarette;
Sitting on the side of an ashtray.
To satisfy a need, a want
And so quickly extinguished.
:iconsanfter-liebhaber:Sanfter-Liebhaber 0 0
Me And My Words
You know - every once in a while
(Rarely, at the least)
I say something either beautiful, witty or wise.
And people tell me that there is poetry in that;
And I wonder - do they mean in me
or in my words
If in me, that creates unfair expectations, I think
But if they mean in my words
And that I prefer,
Than I can hide in them;
And pretend that I,
I am beautiful, witty or wise.
:iconsanfter-liebhaber:Sanfter-Liebhaber 0 0
Rant: Life Experience
There are a number of things that I want.  I want a Fender FV-1 electric violin.  I want a wide-brimmed fedora.  I'd like a tall, frosty beer.  But none of those are things that I need, and that difference is one that took me a long time to learn.  My older brother has started his family, and he's been talking to my folks, saying "Why didn't you keep me in music lessons," or "Why didn't…." whatever.  He says that when his daughter is growing up, he's going to get her enrolled in this, get her to check this out…  It's not going to work.
I don't think we learn the things we're told.  We don't learn it until we experience it.  I know that I like to mess around on the piano and the violin, but I wouldn't if I was pulled out of music lessons when I wanted to be.  I know that credit cards aren't the best idea for a teenager, but I wouldn't know that unless I got one at 18. 
:iconsanfter-liebhaber:Sanfter-Liebhaber 0 2
Primum Non Nocere by Sanfter-Liebhaber Primum Non Nocere :iconsanfter-liebhaber:Sanfter-Liebhaber 1 3
Rant: Corporate Masters
Let me get this straight - I am a young, white male living on Vancouver Island.  I'm not old enough to have fought in World War I or II, I did not take part in the battles to end slavery.  I have not attended Woman's Lib or been involved with the feminist movement in the sixties.  I did not mellow out at Woodstock, or attempt to live a bohemian life style in a smoky jazz bar.  I grew up on a farm in Ontario, and moved to the small towns Parksville and Qualicum Beach on the island, and define myself the way all other teens my age do - either with a creative outlet like art or music, or through the creative talents of others.
I believe Tyler Durden said it best in the movie Fight Club - "We're the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our Great War's a spiritual war... our Great Depression is our lives. We've all been raised on television to believe that one day we'd all be millionaires, an
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Rant: Resolutions
This is the first time I've written anything in a long while – and I don't know why I'm restarting now.  I just… want to do things that I don't know if I'll ever be able to do.  So I guess I'll call them my New Years resolutions, since that's the sort of thing we do 'round this time of the year.
I want to be finished with school, or at least start on a strong enough note that I can figure out what to do.  That's one of the things I've got trouble with, is figuring things out.  I get led around a lot – I'm not a leader.  Which is strange, because I know what I want… it's just that I never have the courage to step for it.  I know that that's stupid – that the things I want will remain things I want rather than things I have, but it's just so much easier this way.  Not to make excuses, just not going for things.  I've usually taken the easy road, because it's, well, easier.
There's no
:iconsanfter-liebhaber:Sanfter-Liebhaber 1 0
Rant: Movies
Now, I have a few flaws - I've got a short attention span, I've got a bad short term memory and I get caught up in the moment.  These things, though, make me an excellent movie-goer.  I 'm surprised when I need to be surprised, twist endings continue to be twists, and I genuinely feel for the characters.  That does not mean I don't know a good movie from a bad movie.  I know plenty of bad movies.  Some of them are so- bad-they're-good movies.  But my character is such that I get into the story and look into the characters a bit too much.  
I watch movies like "Man On Fire," and I try to imagine what Radha Mitchell feels as she watches Dakota Fanning tear across the bridge at the end.  I watch Roy in "Blade Runner" talk about the sights he's seen and suddenly understand (even though he's a machine) why he doesn't want to die.  I see Whinnie the Pooh and I understand how genuinely caring Pooh bear i
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Rant: Belief
"Take the sandals from your feet, for the place on which you walk is holy ground."
-  God, as portrayed by Dreamworks
I'm gonna blab about religion for a second - big surprise, hm?  You do have to admit, it's an interesting topic.  Think of all man has accomplished in the name of God.  Or Buddha.  Or Jehova.  Or Joseph Smith.  Or Allah.  Or whoever one prays to.  Think of all the wars and hatred and bigotry that has gone on in the name of the Almighty.  There's not really any cause for religion other than pain and suffering, is there?  
I don't know if I believe in God or not.  I do believe in a parental figure, sure.  I hope that someone out there is watching out for all of us - and by all of us, I do mean all of us.  White, black, brown, big, small, wide, thin; I'd like to believe in something that guides all of us to peace.  It might b
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Rant: Life and Insight
I recently traveled to New York for a week - it was actually really cool.  I saw a few shows, I ate at a few good places, went and saw a really big art gallery.  Truth be told, I'm not someone who habitually hangs out in the art scene; I can't draw or paint, I can barely write - but my dad wanted to go, so the family obliged.  
Now, there were a lot of period pieces, a lot of oriental pieces; but what really resonated with me were the portraits - any portraits.  Because with portraits, there's something there that you can never know - did the person like their portrait?  Did they actually look that way or were they just being flattered?  What was going on while the picture was being painted?
I find that it's really hard to know someone at first glance, and that includes the person in the mirror.  I recently had a few... I wouldn't say "life changing" experiences or anything that might equate to an "epiphany," but I t
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I Am Me by Sanfter-Liebhaber I Am Me :iconsanfter-liebhaber:Sanfter-Liebhaber 0 3 Stupid Plow 06 by Sanfter-Liebhaber Stupid Plow 06 :iconsanfter-liebhaber:Sanfter-Liebhaber 0 0


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Here's the thing, at least in terms of religion:

I was born Catholic.  I was baptised and all that.  But what actually got to me was not the decades of going to church and hearing the parbles and gospels of the 'Word of the Lord,' it was childrens books.  

Let me sum up - I was born in Ontario, but spent most of my life on Vancouver Island.  There's a Catholic church called 'The Church of the Ascension' halfway atwixt Qualicum and Parksville.  The church has services like any other church, but it's also got childrens books by the rectory.  Because, in my mind, I'm about six years old, I read all these books, which were all religious stories.  One of them was about Jesus.  I forget what it was about, but there was a young child who saw Jesus around town (Bethlehem or Jerusalem, or whatever.) and said that he looked like a regular guy... but his eyes - his eyes were the sweetest, softest, kindest, most sad eyes that she ever saw.

Fast forward five years, I've still got an inner-six year old, because I'm watching a Jay and Silent Bob movie called Dogma.  It's got Chris Rock in it - one of my favorite comedians - and he talks about Jesus.  There's a lot of talk about Jesus in the film, but this is what got me:  

"Imagine you're a twelve-year old boy.  You're told you're God's only son, but more than that, you're God.  How long do you think it would take to come to grips with something that huge?  Maybe, say, eighteen years?  In the bible, Jesus suddenly goes from age 12 to 30.  12 to 30.  Now that's some pretty bad story telling."

Now, in the plot of the movie, Chris Rock is trying to emphasize a different point.  The point still stands, though, that Jesus either was told, or knew of his end.  

That's what moved me.  The explanation of Chris Rock, the story of a little girl seeing Jesus Christ, and him having these sad, kind eyes, got to me.  The idea that Jesus (Yes, I'm on a first name basis, I think he wouldn't mind) is a nice guy who understood - even if he had to take some time to understand - the grand undertaking of his existence - I, in some small way, understand.  At least a little bit.  

In the interests of going full circle, let me sum up: I'm not Catholic - but I'm not an atheist.  I'm spiritual.  Jesus Christ may or may not have existed... but his spirit lives on in stories and parables, and the parables that represent him, his image, is that of a regular man in an older age realizing his importance in the grand scheme of things - maybe more than the importance that you or I may have, importance that took some time to realize and come to terms with, but importance nonetheless.  

My religious nature has become less structured and more tuned to deed rather than faith - Abraham Lincoln once said "When I do bad, I feel bad.  When I do good, I feel good.  That is my religion."  I think I follow that - I think I want to follow Jesus' example more than a belief in Jesus as a person.

I don't know why that is... I guess I'm inspired by him.  Or the idea of him.  Or the... whatever.

When I do good, I feel good.
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