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Cinema 4D and VRay

All materials - wood - coffee table - walls - concrete are all procedural - Created with 'Enhance C4D' shaders.

I've purposely made this piece unattractive in terms of a livable space. The color and contrast was meant to feel cold and depressing, yet somehow warmed by the few red elements in the scene.
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very good! :O
i love the atmosphere~<3
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Gee I love this,
but I don't find it cold and uninviting at all.
It's just the kind of interior I like to design pieces for,I mean "real"pieces.

I'd live there in a heartbeat...
I definitely need to explore 3d rendering more.
The level of authentic imagery you've been able to achieve is quite amazing...
It's create a calming effect..Like it^^
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really nice and moody, not a typical arch render. I like it!
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Hey Stu,

Dig the image. Not really anything to say but great job! The lighting and everything looks amazing... Ok, maybe a little too bright on the lighting, but still it's very nice. Textures are very well done also.

Great job man.
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that looks great, the texture and great and detailed. great render man
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Stylish and elegant, you're very talented ! In addition, it's the perfect widescreen wallpaper :-)
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slick job, stu! really impressive...
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Very nice, how do you do the rug?
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It's composited back in Cinema, after the final render.
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So you modeled it? Not using procedural texture?
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I don't get your question.

The rug was done after the vray render, with cameras projecting the final image ,I kept the essential 'room lights' and used C4D's hair.

The procedural textures, belong only to the wooden/concrete elements. Besides the pictures on the wall, there's no actual image based textures in the scene.
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Oh I see, I am just wondering if the rug is a real "model" in a scene, or just a box in a scene with procedurally created texture mapping, like people doing the mountains. I see people generating the hair in the rug using scripts, and thought you were doing the same too.

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Love the couch shader,
has a very gloomy atmosphere outside, very industrial with the concrete
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Not sure if it was your intention or not. Because of the lighting and the 'cold, depressing' mood you've gone for it makes me think the environment should be somewhat gritty, whereas its perfectly clean. It makes it seem more stylised rather than photorealistic.

Fantastic job on the textures. Is the rug made with C4Ds hair/fur attatchment? Really love the slight indentations on the couch.
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nice job on this one...well done.
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Great textures! Good work.
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Cheers. I'm a fan of yours too.
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I am learning Cinema 4D so we shall see how I do. The coach texture is just great in that scene!
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wooooooooww! nice!
:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
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