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Meet The Burtons


First attempt at doing any character work in an evironment project.

Cinema 4D - ZBrush - Photoshop
7 days (v.part time) to complete.
24 Minute Render

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wow love it !! its great :D 
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Superb work, talent and gallery.
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Hello. No need to thank me. It is your great work. If you really want to thank me, visit my feeble gallery sometime when you're bored or can't sleep. Smiles. My best to you and yours. ROTL
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holy crap, this is so cool! and you made it all digitally?? it looks very professional.
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This is so CUTE... sorry I can't think of anything else to call it but that :D
Love the characters, the colors and the settings. I would have voted on your poll for this sort of work to see more of but wasn't sure what category it would be in... maybe cartoony characters?
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Thanks. This was more or less a test, to see if I could pull it off.
Expect to see a lot more of this sort of thing, but with a little more emphasis on darker worlds.
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Great job , congrat
Very nice work.Congratulations.
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If you do the math (485 views/22 favorites) only 1 in 22 people agree with you.
Curious though, that a pre-made poser model with breasts showing and featuring a slutty girl, gets much more attention.
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Haha this is indeed epic XD
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Very cool! Does it start from a photo and then manipulated?
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It's all made in 3D space, here's a quick making of; [link]
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luv the (right) girl pose :)
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dude, this is soo awesome, you really get their cool attitude, fantastic on amount of work!
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Thanks, as I said, it was a total joy to make.
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way to go!! ! !
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