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Go Beyond

Created with Cinema 4D/VRay

I fancied a change.

1920x1200 wallpaper
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© 2008 - 2021 sanfranguy
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I've seen people using this for creepypasta stories!
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I see it everywhere. It's a very popular image for some reason.
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Thanks    !
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Holy crap. Nice work. :D
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Friday the 13th
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This image is floating around the internet everywhere!
A friend gave me a folder full of awesome full HD wallpapers (this being one) and they all look so damn good on my HD TV.
But this image... THIS image is pure amazing! It looks like someone is trying to push their way out of my TV and into the loungeroom. Also, it scared my girlfriend one evening when she came home late from University. :P

Great work mate.
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Had this as my desktop background for a while, and I loved it! When I heard they were making a movie, I created a World War Z poster using this image. I hope you like it. Thanks for the inspiring photography!

click me
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Amazing. :clap::clap:clap:
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Looks awesome on my 42" TV! Thanks a lot =D
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this is amazing... but one question though.. don't you think the blur should extend a bit more than just the hand? this isn't something negative i just want to see your perspective...
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cool wally !
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it is what i was lloking for.. thanks
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As with all good works of art, some asshat decides to rip it off. Enjoy your work but apparently ~Timeeey does too.
For example
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lol, thanks.
I see that wallpaper everywhere.
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looks soo cool, awesome shot
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:/ ?

I've been looking for the original photographer of this image for a while, after seeing it used in a fanmade Mr. Bungle music video. Where even more people claimed that it was their photo.

I think its wonderful. It haunted my mind for weeks after seeing it.
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Lol. Chickennone from youtube is like "hey, why did you steal my photograph, I took that"

Funny stuff, thanks for that.
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one of the coolest and most effective wallpapers i have seen so definitely demands attention! :D
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