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Antique shop Revision


Going through old scenes to see how I could have improved upon them had I had the experience and extra computational power.

Small improvement on the original, but by far my preference for my portfolio.

Original image from 2009; [link]
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jesus crist so much details! excellent job 
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As much as I like the new wood texture on the chests of drawers, and I'm fond of the odd swan chair, I really liked the whiter, "dirtier" color scheme of the original. The trapdoor appeals to me though.
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PS: You do have fans. I too look forward to seeing new scenes from you.
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Hey, thank you.
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I have been a fan of yours for a long time now and I love your work, here is the rub lol, I love the first edition of this scene better than this one, please don't be mad lol, just that this one, only in my opinion, is too dark, sorta sad for me lol. I may be odd person out here but there you have it. I love yah and your work tee hee....
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Fans? I have fans? Wooo!
Perhaps I should have spent the time fixing the flaws with the first version, like the blown out lights etc vs re-doing all of the textures. Who knows. While it's definitely darker than the original, it's about the right level of brightness for the room before I run into over brightness again. Thanks for looking.
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Very cool! The details here are amazing! :D
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Amazing work....I love it
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Richest scene I have ever seen. Incredible work !
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Have you ever thought of making actual video walk-throughs or would that take more computer power than available.
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As in Animations?
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Yep! It would be just amazing to see the environments in use. Movie concepts revolve around sets and scenes, and your scenes capture feelings through there atmosphere. Most movies I feel lack in this department, even the ones that spends tons of money and look flashy.

Just saw Cloud Atlas (random note), but a great movie in every way.
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I have this scene and other in motion here; [link]
Looking forward to seeing Cloud Atlas, looks awesome.
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Amazing work with a great presentation. Thanks!
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Awesome man! Just the phong angle of the middle front table is a bit too high, its bulging. I can even see the triangulation. Just minor detail though.
I really like your works man. You put a different kind of realism to your renders. Keep it up.
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I'll fix that, thanks for pointing it out.
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Hey there foxy lady .
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Hey back at you ;)
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It's always so much fun to view your work, Sanfranguy... I feel like I'm taking a tour of someone's private miniature doll house collections!
I especially like the old antique look and how you clutter the rooms with interesting treasures :love:
So glad you enjoy your hobby and share them with us... thank you :pat:
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Ah thanks man, having people take an interest in the work is the reason I do it.
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Do you model all these things individually?
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My line of work is closer to photography and 3D modeling is sort of a thing of the past for me.
Though the 'Meet the Burtons shot' [link] comprises of mostly original models.

In the studio, we purchase assets. It's either that or a 2-3 day job would take 2-3 months.
JoKeR0720's avatar
Ah gotcha'. I was wondering how you cranked them out so fast :) I totally understand the '3D photography' aspect. Lots of people here on DA do it. Well, I enjoy your work, keep it up:)
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