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Antique House 2

Cinema 4D + VRay
-Better Version here - [link]
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did you say this was simple stuff in one of you comments?? -_O

if you did, i WILL find where you live and SLAP you across the face until you turn red, then take your computer and leave

im a beginner and this is NOT SIMPLE!!!!
you must be a mad man if you think this

anyway..... this is too realistic to be made into a program...

are you sure you didnt go into a house and take an HD picture B-)
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Excellent work… Keep it up!
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... i cannot... will not... and refuse to believe that this is not a high definition photo. i've seen some awesome vray and cinema 4d stuff... but your attention to composition, and subject matter is just too unbelievably spot on to be made in a virtual realm. excellent work.
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O ... and the spot of color echoed in the flowers, wine, and tiny lines on the books ... that is a lovely touch.
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I like this one better than the DD. The light here is everything from subtle (the reflection on the table) to overt (the strip on the carpet.)
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Incredible ! :O
Absolutely amazing. I want to be this good one day. Truly stunning.
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Very cool, how long did the render take?
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Gorgeous render, once again. I think the carpet in this one is just fine personally. Looks just like almost every carpet I've seen in real life! Meaning, it does NOT look like those silly fur-based CG carpets you see a lot these days. Those things don't look good at all, to me, nor realistic.

The chandelier is especially awesome.
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carpet takes the scene down ;)
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What's that supposed to mean?
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maybe a little bit flat, no curves, u know, some cuttling
and the shader from the "couch" maybe too much luminosity/fresnel ;)

everything else are nicely done like everytime
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The interior is loosely based off of that reference piece

The couch material is beautiful and very realistic, I suppose if I sat around testing mats for a whole day I could come closer to that feel. Although I usually just knock these out for a bit of fun and don't bother to make them tremendously detailed.
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hey, don´t get mad, just my two cents here ^^
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I wrote those words from my happy place.

I appreciate your feedback
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Fixed that Rug and couch material

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You should go to jail for the amount of realism you put into your work!!! :) You're making all of us other artists look bad! :XD:

Amazing work, as always. Looking forward to seeing more of it!
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Nah, this was simple stuff.
I just got lucky.
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