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Quick attempt at a daylit version
Could have been better, but whatevs - it's just for fun.

Cinema 4D and Photoshop

Night version [link]

3.96 million Polys

And don't forget to visit my portfolio: [link]
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Nice Caldari world, really great detail with the sheer number of ships in the traffic lane
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I really love your work, very impressive, some more bloom on the highlights would have been nice, but it is already fantastic!
oh and your protfolio is quite impressive too, you sure know what you doing
I do find it amusing that you have a Leviathan Titan and a Chimera Carrier - both flyable ships in Eve Online. The Image is great don't get me wrong, but the presence of those are a bit distracting to anyone who has flown one or blown one up.

Just curious, did you chose them because they looked good and fit the image, or because you play?

Otherwise nice picture :)
I'm pretty sure that the ship next to the leviathan is a passenger carrier from BSG
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About 90% of the ships are models I found online.
I wish I had time to build every asset in every scene.
Sadly this part of my creativity is a hobby
and the paid work I do is for boring ass clients.
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Nicely compose image - well done! :-)
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Wow! This is fantastic!
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I like this much better.. I love the sky.. Looks like a picture of a different world.
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Nice job, this is awesome!
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Wow, incredible! :la: cityscapes and spacescapes and landscapes haha they're all my weaknesses
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where is all the nature, the sky is grey, i find it sad, sorry
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Down another street perhaps.
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oldschool & fame !
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The MOST impressive thing I have seen on DA!
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Thanks, could have been a lot better.
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I will keep an eye on your outstanding work.
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killer details dude
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is that a caldari Chimera i spot in the upper right?
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And a Leviathan in the top left, am I right? o:
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