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In this chapter of Red Sonja's saga we find her in a quite unfamiliar role...

Colored Sketch. 

Colored Week is back! Every day for a week I gonna color and post sketches that where lovely for my tastes, but doesn't won their polls. Next picture is tomorrow. 
Also Patreon etc.
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eritheslave's avatar

Now that is a good way to display a trophy!

diNorian's avatar

This is.. so gooood

Wicked-Detective88's avatar


Psychologist-Roachy's avatar

Whoever captured her must have fought long and hard to take her down and hoist her up

Tomduchek's avatar

she also looks very similar to ms fortune of LOL :)

i make up my own story then ;)

spotter100's avatar

Very nice trophy. I would love to tickle her belly, flog her pussy, grope her beautiful big boobs before adorning them with clover clamps and finally, sodomise her.

DarthSparrow's avatar
the loveliest trophy I have ever seen ;)
karlwikman's avatar
Love it! 

Actually, I love it so much I'm going to make a similar bondage setup for one of my 3D dollies in Daz Studio :) 
fan-of-rails's avatar
I wonder what it would be like to be tied up like that for a whole year
kaze26's avatar
Spectacular and sexy
Such a delicious trophy !
assistantann's avatar
i love this idea, to be displayed like this is exciting
SanePerson making forniphilia (or something like it)? What a dream come true.
Toshi81's avatar
Perfect trophy! Nice work!
Legion1a's avatar

Truthfully, things like this happened to her quite a LOT.

Onilao's avatar

great and sexy scene, now i just want her in a game!

Orcsattack's avatar

I suppose the graphic novel or whatever it is, by HeroineAdventures is the closest thing there is.

Onilao's avatar

yep it seems so...remind me to get it! :D

Salem-the-Psychic's avatar
She should be counting her blessings, the poor fellow next to her has been thoroughly stuffed.....
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