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Such Impudence

Annalise. :meow:
Shame on myself. I had to beat Logarius on NG+4 to get reference. :O

I was listening to this while painting. Might help set the mood. *wink wink*
This is purely an interpretation of what she might look like. :)
Cheers! Now go make it your wallpaper! :XD:

EDIT: Added a little more particle effects in the foreground courtesy of :iconormirian:
and adjusted the canvas size a bit.

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Logarius on NG+4? What level is your character?
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I remember being in the 140s. Can't remember anymore.
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the eye is too much more on upper body and left hand.then it is a masterpiece.
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Thank you for the critique. Will take this into account for future work. Cheers.
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This is going to sound very weird but I always had a bit of a crush on the Vileblood Queen. I feel as though they were unfairly persecuted by the Healing Church, when they were just as bad. I love this though. It has that debonair sort of gothic feel and the blood looks great :D seriously. Nice job
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Hahahha no worries, m8. I had a crush on her myself.
I felt at home with the vampiric effect of Cainhurst and the
sense of fashion they had was not as anachronistic as one would
think, actually. Glad you like it! Cheers! ;)
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Fascinant, une Annalise belle et sanglante avec une ambiance sombre et froide, c'est exactement ce que souhaite tout joueurs de Bloodborne ^^
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Merci! Santé. ;)
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Anyone else got the vibe that the Vilebloods and Annalise( since she's the only one) aint the bad guys and that it is actually the church and that dead fcker Logarius who are the bad guys?
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From my Experience with storylines like these, they are propably both the Bad guys.
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.... They hunted hunters for their blood. Like f***ing vampires. Maybe the Healing Church aren't saints, but they at least tried to do some good for the people in the city trying to eliminate the plague. They trained most of the hunters in Yharnam. 
Jeova0sanctus0unus's avatar
Yea, but they also kept spreading the Plague, because they would loose their Power, if they could no longer give out their Blood.
So NO.
The Healing Church are not only Assholes, but they are to blame for a significant portion of how the city now is.
And lets not talk about the things we see in the Hunters nightmare, and the Experiments they made...
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And trained hunters in order to keep it in check. Plague that they spread accidentally. That's why they were so scaried about the bad blood.
One side has a good side, and a bad side. 
The other has no good side at all. 
It's not that difficult to choose. 
Jeova0sanctus0unus's avatar
I see that they spread the Plague by accident in the beginning, but they did not stop distributing the Blood, when they realized that people kind of truned into monsters from it.
And people that inject something into themselves are not scared of it.
Master Willem was afraid of the old blood but Laurence certainly was not.
Also, with all the Cut content from the Vilebloods: Read they have almost no story to themselves.
Sure they have the thing with the executioners, basically their end, but other than that?
Almost nothing.
Also the Possibility exists that the Healing Church Poisoned old Yharnam, and is responsible for the Ashen Blood.
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I strongly feel that way as well, and that the church became
that way after Ludwig. I think Ludwig was the only legitimate
sane person in the healing church. Annalise and the Vilebloods
were probably just some ancient affront to the church's goals.
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The atmosphere in this one is a step up. That chair is really effective too. Nice one.
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Glad you think so! Cheers! ;)
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Great art as always (makes me really want to play the game as well!). I love how that distant throne somewhat fades into the background a bit, gives such a great atmosphere to the whole picture.
And that blood! Gorgeous!
I think you could add some particles in the foreground maybe (being more sharp and nearer to the camera maybe to emphasise the atmosphere. Otherwise I find it perfect!
Oh, and a cool music reference you got there, really fitting to the picture, as promised!
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Thank you once again for your input! I hope
to make more eerie stuff with the gaussian blur. ;)
I've added some of that foreground floaty dust you
were talking about! Your suggestions are always very
logical and just feel great, so I am really happy to have
your opinion. :D

Yeah, I love Tribulation. This track is far from my favorite,
but I came across it one time while I was finishing up the piece,
and you can guess where it got from there. :XD:
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You're very welcome! :D
I'm glad you appreciate my inputs! A second opinion is always useful I guess. :) 

I need to check out what other tracks they have, really like this one. ^^

And because of your artwork I ended up looking Bloodborne YouTube videos, haha. :P Really love the level / boss design, it seems even darker (bloodier) than Dark Souls is, which is great. And the boss fight I watched (Ludwig, the holy blade) was fanastic as well... Shame that DS2 have so few creative bosses, most are just huge humanoids tin cans. Buut, I think DS3 will be better in that regard since Miyazaki's focus is here again.
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