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Do Not Drink Decaf Into That Bleak Morn: A Parody
Do not drink decaf into that bleak morn,
Old beans should grind and strain at ope of shop;
Brew, brew against the bustle and the horn.
Though wise whipping-toppers give black no scorn,
Because their forks have cakes with which to swap,
Do not drink decaf into that bleak morn.
Good beans, that last all year, brighter than corn,
Their frail seeds having dried in a green crop,
Brew, brew against the bustle and the horn.
Children would say to those yet to be born,
You’ll learn, too late, to resist a black drop,
Do not drink decaf into that bleak morn.
Java, near boil, that smooths a throat of thorns,
Soothed throats could praise like meat-eaters their slop,
Brew, brew against the bustle and the horn.
And you, my customer, thirsty and forlorn,
Purse-bless me now, and your fierce tips please plop,
Do not drink decaf into that bleak morn,
Brew, brew against the bustle and the horn.
:iconsandzen:sandzen 3 3
The Beggar's Pantoum
Focus on the hand,
The hand holds the hat.
When the neck limps down
And when the eyes close
The hand holds the hat.
It’s never heavy.
And when the eyes close,
Falling copper rain.
It’s never heavy.
Pooling pockets of
Falling copper rain,
It tastes like coffee.
Pooling pockets of
Acid in the mouth,
It tastes like coffee
Left out seven days.
Acid in the mouth,
Heavy like a head
Left out seven days
In the sun’s huge light:
Heavy like a head
When the neck limps down
In the sun’s huge light.
Focus on the hand.
:iconsandzen:sandzen 2 0
Internal 360: A Pantoum
To begin
with, a thought
brought me doubt--
that I reached,
with a thought
for the end
that I reached.
And the start
for the end
was the end.
And the start
was a fear.
Was the end
the journey?
Was a fear
changing me?
The journey,
for all its
changing me,
was nothing.
For all it's
brought me, doubt
was nothing
to begin.
:iconsandzen:sandzen 2 1
Form Less
Sorry, freer
verse, we're
still made
from fad-
ing forms,
fads, norms,
status quo
atoms, though
we want
new font
to distract
from fact,
all we
can be:
cursed chemistry,
floating endlessly.
:iconsandzen:sandzen 4 5
The Beautiful Suicide of Narcissus
there was nothing left
to do with the peak
conquered all that came after
was a shallow petty thing life
gone from bees trees
now wrappings fill the earth
with air the drunk oil invents
an atmosphere of hollow costs
what price momentarily
perfect lost perception
of a generation fogbound
at the water’s edge splashing
to make the best reflection
even better telling ourselves
what our minds can’t see beyond
the other children our children beyond
the other lives our lives beyond
the other realities our lies
important beyond doom
the lone jammer tries
to focus wifi scrambles
thoughts passing through you
like neutrinos can’t take it
with you isn’t logic
stopping anyone from trying
suicide was sitting there
staring like a mirror
you don’t see porn
to thieve experience as
fleeting as a compliment
you imagined wealth
unknown all around but on what
Narcissus did you spend
your value
:iconsandzen:sandzen 5 2
Reality TV
you’re told to cut off
a piece of yourself
any piece any
piece you can live without
what can you live without
the game is loss
the winner is nothing
but what is essential
we never follow the winner
back into the world
where you can still find waiting
that real absence
of story
:iconsandzen:sandzen 4 5
Modern Morality: A Ghazal
We possessed the book of nothing that would matter
To those with magazines on the same matter.
The protester who faces the dark cannon
can't imagine what it means: his sprayed gray matter.
We emerge, clean as a chef's clean dishes,
Steaming, hot, sanitized against certain matter.
The scope could be infinite. But for now
It's built to scrutinize the dark matter.
Mother, only ever meant for decomposition,
Had worms made an entirely different matter.
Even the victim can't help asking
The voice in her head, "What's the matter?"
"It changes to survive," said the philospher,
"When it's done changing, it's the death of the matter."
:iconsandzen:sandzen 4 5
Mature content
Roadmap :iconsandzen:sandzen 11 6
Trust and Doubt: A Pantoum
I've seen signs
in so many people,
nothing insignificant,
saying, "Follow me
in." So many people
wear that expression,
saying, "Follow me.
Wear what I
wear." That expression
exhausts my mind, and I
wear. What I
wish: to never inhale
exhausts. My mind and I
free to choose, to
wish, to never inhale
something I might regret:
free. To choose to
know it might all mean
something. I might regret
if I discover,
know, it might all mean
nothing; insignificant
if I discover
I've seen signs.
:iconsandzen:sandzen 8 4
Piano Armageddon: An Image Poem
white gloves
now a mountain range of keys
a maple
grown up
through splitting beech
a House Finch
hunting termites ascends
a descendant of a house cat
climbs middle C
naps hungry
in a nest of tortile spring steel
falling pedals
fallen hammers
a river-rhythm of chirrs
in perfect time
light churns
empty houses like broken keys
windows whistle wind
a staff of highway
vehicles stiff as black notes
batteries sing siren songs
heaps of laundry
bears nose for soft organs
dehydrating cages
naked humans
an audience of angry silence
a black sky
a blue point
a chorus of frightful screams
and the rest
:iconsandzen:sandzen 16 16
Entropy: A Spenserian Sonnet
A fraying ball unspools, her needles hard.
The jostling bus, on little oil, swerves.
When purses tip to scatter coin and card,
this eco-friendly granny saves her nerve.
For when, she wonders, wasn’t life a curv-
ing road? Reveal after reveal the on-
ly surety one can bank on? So conserv-
ing change: that hellish halcyon unknown.

And on it goes, up to her stop. Her grown-
up thoughts. The half-sewn reddish-purple sweat-
shirt: ancient trade of fraying knots. This bone-
broke pensioner homebound trots. Down forget-
ful courts. Recall the past. A past voice calls.
Think on it. She does. All walls fall. She scrawls.
:iconsandzen:sandzen 8 6
Mature content
Untitled: A Sonnet Told in Titles :iconsandzen:sandzen 9 11
Ember Bed
how crushed a fire can still burn bottled up
in that red box of an ember
how much heat is released not into skin
and where does it go
you invite others to our bed of embers
and they are heated it’s not cruel it’s life
they seek to prolong amazed
we keep it burning so low
we keep the fire fireless we kick around embers
like we would endless stars blinking the
earth breathing out names for nameless constellations aglow
red snow
we children of a light epoch
blindly seeking immortality of
forms so a yin may never devour yang
and young we may remain and never know
:iconsandzen:sandzen 4 0
Mature content
McDonald's: A Parody of Ginsberg :iconsandzen:sandzen 6 2
The Abyss of Passing Time
I kick my feet off
the rim of my unmoored dock
and slip on socks of black-soaked
stars I've never felt
more part of the cosmos
than playing
cards building
models watching
sets the work
before the work
can be done
(what is the value I
wonder of how I have spent my days)
if Sisyphus
were a constellation
would he offer solace
now hugging my wettening knees
we're not each of us islands true
but why not clouds
hung between eternity and its mirror
growing out of nothing
sometimes combining
sometimes amassing massively but never
not burning into the abyss
of passing time
with talk to make our minds
a reasonable toil a stone
we ever attempt to tell our friends
to skip
across the mirror
and blur our sense
of place in the titanic
:iconsandzen:sandzen 6 13
Mature content
The Werewolf Monologue :iconsandzen:sandzen 10 4


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Joe Girard
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I got my start here on devART as a zen gardener, which lead to my designs appearing in the Absorb Art Show circa 2009. My poems and short stories have been published in journals and magazines across north America, on and offline. On devART I've received one Daily Literature Deviation commendation for the following:

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An anthology of short stories, In the Wings: Stories of Forgotten Women, edited by Bernadette Rule, includes my short story The Changeling (…). In the Wings was published by Seraphim Editions and is in its third printing. Other magazines I've been featured by include Switchback, WTF, The Perceptive I,, and In My Bedroom magazine, among others.

Most recently, In My Bedroom magazine published my piece Threesome (…) in their Vol 4 Issue 2 release, Menage a Trois.

If you've enjoyed reading my popular works featured around devART, may I recommend the following others as highlights that had people talking, along with some personal favourites:

The Beautiful Suicide of Narcissus (…)
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