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- Princess of Dark: Ashlinea -


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          "I will follow you down wherever you go
                   I am bound to you, do you know?  
                           Closer, pull me in tight            
                                I wanna be yours, wanna be your hero.."

This artwork is the fourth illustration of the "THE SECRET NAMES SERIES". All names in this
saga are
invented by me.

Ashlinea, Princess of Dark, is waiting for her beloved one, Prince of Dark. The light is the hope,
darkness is a reality.
Do you see? This light is blinding... so he's coming..

Thanks to the, AshenSorrow , my imagination and my own stuff.

Other artworks from "THE SECRET NAMES SERIES":

- The Dark Side of Me: Sallicorniae - by SandyLynx - The Newborn Angel: Meallieathe - by SandyLynx - The Nocturnal Warrior: Lentia - by SandyLynx

© 2014 SandyLynx aka Sandrine H. Lynx

This artwork may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in
any way without my express written permission. All rights reserved!
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© 2014 - 2021 SandyLynx
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This is quite a beautiful image. The background and figure work perfectly together. However, my issue is the foreground elements. Due to the number of them and many of them blur, it distracts from the focus of this image. With how the feathers and sheet are now, there is no clear distance for the foreground between the audience and the figure. Hence the feather and sheets take the eyes off the figure and off the page instead of towards the figure. A way to relieve this issue is to take away a good bit of the feathers and sheets or put the ones closes to the figure more in focus, serving to act as a guide for the eyes to focus in the middle. However, very good job on this. The shows quite well through this image even with that one distracting element, which also takes away the impact.
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Nice work!!! 
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Utterly magnificent, as usual. I love this one ^-^
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Hey Sandy! I got your message! Your kind words are appreciated! Your art looks really great by the way! 👍🏾
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Very Beautiful. Great use of the subject's subtle details with the light. The feathers are nice touch on the overall frame. Great Job!
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Love this so much. Great work.
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WOW it is I that should be in aww of your art work not the other way round <3 It is truly beautiful I don't quite know what to say love it love it <3
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This is very lovely work. I can't tell if it is a real human girl or a realistic drawing of a human girl, which means it's very good! I especially love her dress and the crown. Keep up the good work, friend!
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  you have been featured here :  
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This haunting work is featured here:  Hauntingly Great Art and Literature
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This looks sooooooo amazing!!! I love it!!!
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It looks so amazin' !!

:iconbenishappyplz: It looks so amazing! I wish I could draw like that :iconsqueeplz:
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I like it :). This is a really good image : the shadows are perfects and no details was forgotten.
Continue to draw like this :3.
+Sorry if there is faults of english...
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Realy cool! I like the mystic touch in this picture ^^
I don't like princess, but you present her realy good looking and the forest in the background is amazing ^^

Sorry, I can't write more, because my english vocabulary don't give what I need to say ^^
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Oh wow, is so beautiful ! I love the ambiance ! Good Work.
Have a nice day... and sorry for my limited english, I'm French >_<
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wow i surely didnt regret seeing this :)
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I am out of words here... this is absolutely beautiful :heart:
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this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Oooo, this looks very nicely done! :D
I don't know how it was made but I just love it! :clap:

Good work!
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