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So, I've been doing it. I've been streaming over at If you want to catch the regular reminders, make sure you follow my status updates here, because I'll post a 1 hour warming for a drawing stream. Or you can follow for more frequent reminders.

I've been streaming fairly regularly so far. Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8pm to 11pm (EST/EDT). So far, I've been gaming on Tuesday and drawing on Thursday. But I'm gonna switch it up. My streaming goal was not to play games (as fun as that is), it's to draw. Streaming art will keep me in the habit of drawing regularly, give me communication practice, and give me everything I want to get out of streaming.

But I'm going to adapt my current schedule. I'm going to try a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday schedule, from 8pm to 10pm. With any ol' random pick up stream when I feel like it, but those will be the regular events. Short and sweet, but more often. (And still 2 hours more than two 3 hour streams.) The days are a bit odd, but that's because Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings are usually full.

Anyway. That's it for now!
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