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I worked on this character token for way longer than I care to admit. This is a character in a story I've had outlined for a long time, and finally got a color palette a few days ago, and finally drew this. Yay. (She's really dark. I tried my best... The background's dark so the contrast doesn't overpower the pony. I'm not sure what else I could've done.)

Her name is Whisper. Just Whisper so far. The Pathfinder concept is "unarmed rogue" and on paper, she's nuts. A level in monk (martial artist) for the unarmed strike without alignment requirements, and the rest are unchained rogue (scout). She's got the skills to talk her way out of situations first, but if that fails, her hooves are going to hurt you.

(Update 1: I removed the chain shirt. Now it's a normal shirt! I also added eye gradient I forgot. Oops...)
(Update 2: Made her eyes a little smaller. Also made her nearest hind hoof a little smaller.)
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Woah, her eyes used to be bigger?!

This is really pretty. :) I like her!
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Thaaanks. :D

Yeah, the eyes were a little bigger... It looked okay, but after a few days it was still bugging me, so I tried smaller and it looked better, yayyy. Digital drawing is a blessing and a curse. Everything has to be perfect because I can keep changing things even when it's supposed to be done, heh. Oops.