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EQD ATG Day 7 prompt: Draw a pony at the beach/Draw a pony catching rays.

Well, again, I didn't have any ideas until the last minute, and then it was like, "Well... Celestia. Sun. That'd always work." Then I decided to go the Okami-style route and now I'm actually rather impressed with my sleep-deprived attempt. This is another "I have no idea what I'm doing" moment, so don't ask me how I did it.

Actually, for future reference, I can say that I took a reference of Celestia in that pose from Google (that turned out to be from Lesson Zero and I didn't realize it, haha) and traced blocks over legs and wings and did circles for the body and head. I did not actually trace the lines, but I needed to do something more to help me out since I've only drawn Celestia once. Once I put boxes around everything, I put the reference on the other screen and did a rough sketch to put the curves in. Then I did the final lines using a highly stabilized brush and just corrected the sketch as I went over it. Ya'know. How you're supposed to do it. Funny how things turn out when you follow the steps!

Edit: Aaah! First time being accepted for Equestria Daily Drawfriend. So happy! Thank you to EQD. <3
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