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Horse Ponies

By SandyFortune
Normally I'd put this in scraps, but these are the first three "horses" I've ever tried drawing. 4 hours research and looking at tutorials and WIPs and references. 4 hours to draw these three. My head hurts. Similar, yet different than ponies in the show. Obviously. Hard to wrap my brain around at times.

Top pony is my go-to character River Breeze. Our Ponyfinder game is doing a neat thing where the next story is far enough in the future where we can play kids of our first characters. So, new pony! Valiant Dawn. (Both the ones on the bottom...) I'll be making myself a Roll20 token once I get comfortable with horse shapes. So in a few more weeks, hah.
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this is so rad
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The joints come across well in the charging pose