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Cleric of the Sun Queen



I'm gonna be playing a cleric in an upcoming Ponyfinder game, and LXYacht made me draw a character profile. SO, FINE. I DID. I couldn't think of colors, so I yelled at Twitter for help and joked that I'd just use G1 Firefly if nobody answered. Nobody answered. But it didn't matter, because once I started thinking about it, I would've used G1 Firefly anyway.

This is going to be a tiny little character token, so I didn't want to put a whole lot of time into it. I overlooked a lot of things, really. It also turns out my imagination's representation of the Sun Queen's holy symbol reminds me of a Wonderbolts badge... WHATEVER. I just rolled with it.

I tried twice to do a "smooth lines" run at inking and it kept making me angry. I can't do it yet. I'm either stuck doing "fuzzy lines" forever or stuck with losing the details when I try to do vector-style smooth lines. I'll figure something out in the future, I'm sure. Maybe it won't matter if I'm aiming for comic-style art, anyway...

Edit: Forgot the headband...
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She looks a fine Cleric of the Sun Queen, and I am sure she will serve her well.