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Vinyl Scratch in a Sweatshirt

Yet another product of boredom.

So go here :iconsmittyg: for cool digital art because I said so.

Render for Vinyl came from [link]
Any problems and I'll take this one down and switch it out for another [less cool] Vinyl.
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Another Pic from delta105 HOLY SO MUCH AWSOME
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If my music weren't intentionally 100% family friendly, I would use this art in a heartbeat for a song. I freakin' love Vinyl.
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Well I'd be happy to make cover art for you. Your music is boss. I do have some family friendly Vinyl wallpapers, about 5 or 6 I think. I don't know, I stopped keeping track. =D
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Complete with panties too... nice touch!
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I like it when you get bored..

Too bad I use my families computer.
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I think this is really sexy is that wrong?...yea i think it is o_o good job!
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Well who are we to say if it's right or wrong, eh? I say enjoy it if you like it, avoid it if you don't.
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it's really nice art ^ ^
I bit borderline but I still like it =)
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Yeah I usually don't make risque stuff like this very often.
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I'd be lieing if I said I didn't like it > >
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You should get bored more often. :33
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Am I the only one who JUST noticed those panties?
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Ponies don't wear any clothes including pants! They all are naked!!!
That's pretty boss... But how did you do the whole "space" effect?
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With proper care and sunshine.

Okay, not really. But I have a tutorial in my gallery that covers a few basics for what I do for nearly all of my wallpapers. The space effect is really just a lot of lighting, splatter and smokey overlays.
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